The Well in Waldo

It’s the hot new spot…The Well in Waldo at 74th and Broadway, just across from the MAX bus stop.  Although I haven’t dined there yet, the rooftop is the current place to hang out in the evenings.  It looked like half of Waldo was up there having a great time  this past Friday and Saturday night.

The well

Stopped by recently to look at the menu ….and find out about happy hour specials.  (I’m always on the lookout for a good happy hour deal …like most people, I’m watching my spending these days).  Did not linger long at the entree selections, although there are several.  I counted 14 sandwich offerings, most priced around $10…and an option of HAND CUT fries for the side dish!

(I love hand cut fries and the best I’ve  had  are at Murphy’s on Wornall just north of 85th).

There are 10 salad options, and something called ‘cheeseburger soup’ which my older daughter Erin will want to try–cheeseburger is her favorite food.  There is a kids menu, lots of TV’s scattered about and a very lllloooonnngggg bar.  But the hot spot is the top and I”m looking forward to the view from above.  The Well is open seven days a week.

And what  about the happy hour specials? Not just yet, the bartender says, maybe next week.

The Well picture

Have you tried The Well?  If so, leave your comments!

2 thoughts on “The Well in Waldo

  1. The Well, the new Waldo offering of Chris and Andy Lewellen, is awesome. They bought the old Roscoe TV building and invested some big bucks and put Waldo squarely on the “cool” map. The food and drinks are fabulous- think Plaza and the old Joe D’s of Brookside quality. The staff is great and they help make a good time there into a great time. The view up top is fun and is suprisingly diesel free (no bus fumes)! The place grabs your eye at night as you drive either way on Wornall and it is just a great addition to the area. I have been there 4 times already- including last night.

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