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Every day I'm driving around my cherished neighborhood of Brookside (and Waldo)...observing what's going on, watching new businesses move in and out, and touring homes (I'm a Realtor with BHG Real Estate-Kansas City Homes). Starting this blog about Brookside/Waldo is a way I thought I could promote the area and spark some discussion about what's happening here...and what's going to happen. Your comments are welcome.

Brookside Home Sales Report – August 2022

The home sales market is balancing out a bit since interest rates keep rising…for only the second time this year, most closed sales prices are less than list price–meaning buyers have some negotiating power. Let’s take a look at the stats, using the main Brookside zip code of 64113 for this report:

August 2022August 2021
Median list price:$525,000$524,900
Median sales price:$510,000$510,000
Days on market: 4 3
No. of homes sold: 29 31

Comparing the numbers from August 2021, the list price and sales price are the same; in 2022, every month except August and February, most buyers were paying list price or over. Last month, the ratio from list to sales price dropped almost 3%. The highest closed sale last month was $1,287,000 and the lowest was $255,000. Below are the year-to-date numbers:

Jan-Aug 2022Jan-Aug 2021
Median list price:$499,000$469,995
Median sales price:$510,000$485,000
Days on market: 3 2
No. of homes sold: 209 227

Overall this year, buyers were paying about 2% over the list price; sales prices are up 5% over last year. Interest rates have doubled since the beginning of the year however the well priced, well maintained and updated homes are still selling quickly!

Currently there are 24 active single family homes listed in Brookside, ranging in price from $250K-$4,000,000. The median list price is $502,000; half the listings have prices over $500K.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Waldo Fall Festival Coming Sat Sept 17!

Happy anniversary to the 30th Annual Waldo Fall Festival!!

It’ s happening this Saturday, September 17, starting at 10am and running until 8pm. There will be many vendor booths, a few food trucks, plenty of live music and activities for the kids. The weather forecast looks perfect!

The festival is located at Gregory and Wornall so be extra careful if you are driving in that area Saturday–watch for extra pedestrians and kids running around!

Thank you for supporting our local vendors and activities!

“Micro Event Space” Opens in East Brookside

Cocoa Spaces, 912 E 63rd St

Every so often, you may have a need for a smaller, special gathering—perhaps a retirement party, baby shower, going away get together, intimate wedding, family reunion; or perhaps a small meeting, business brainstorming retreat or indoor photo shoot.  You don’t want the restrictions and pricing of a hotel meeting room or restaurant, yet no one’s personal home is quite right.  Consider East Brookside’s newest business:  Cocoa Spaces, a “micro event space” that could be just what you are looking for!

Porshia Mitchell

Owner Porshia Mitchell is an electrical engineer by trade, and she always loved being the planner for her friend’s gatherings.  “I love the idea of bringing people together to celebrate”, she says, and had been pondering the idea of opening up such a space for a few years. When she turned 30, she was looking for a space to celebrate with her friends and had trouble finding such a spot. Her passion project turned into a reality when Cocoa Spaces opened at the end of July.    Located at 912 E 63rd St at Harrison, the event venue offers 1300 SF, equipped with a kitchenette, mobile bar, TV and sound system, tables, chairs, and a small lounge area; it is ADA accessible.  Cocoa Spaces comfortably holds 50-60 people at tables or reception style.  Porshia has a list of vendors you can work with for décor, music and accessories; regarding food and liquor, bring in your own or use a caterer.   Parking is available  in front, on the street and east of Rockhill Road. Rental prices vary depending on how long you want the space; there is a three hour minimum.

I asked Porshia how she came up with the name Cocoa Spaces.  “As a black woman in the world, I’m here to take up space—I can do whatever I put my mind to!”  Then she added, “And I love chocolate!” There is a real need for these “micro spaces” for various events involving  friends, family  or co-workers, especially with the holiday planning season coming up!  Remember Cocoa Spaces the next time you are looking for a small, customizable space for a gathering.  Porshia grew up nearby and wanted to be in this area—support local!  Learn more about Cocoa Spaces on their website or follow them on Instagram @cocoaspaces.

Updated Brookside Bungalow for Sale-Close to Streetcar/Whole Foods

This house is a rare find….a four bedroom bungalow, just over 2000 SF and move in ready! As you can see, very attractive curb appeal!

5618 Cherry St, Kansas City MO FOR SALE

Step inside to the first floor, featuring hardwood floors, living room with fireplace, spacious dining room, two bedrooms and full bath.

Living Room with Fireplace
Dining Room

The kitchen…is spectacular! Recently renovated, sellers have added all new appliances, marble backsplash, quartz counters, custom hood over gas stove and a separate beverage fridge.

Newly Remodeled Kitchen, with Plenty of Countertops and Cabinets

Surrounded by windows, the breakfast nook is full of natural light and leads to a large deck overlooking the back yard.

So much space in this upstairs primary suite! Vaulted ceilings, a walk in closet with laundry, and bathroom with shower and tub. The smaller bedroom on the second floor could be used as office space.

Plenty of grassy area in the fenced backyard for pets or garden; easy access to the lower level garage too!

5618 Cherry St…just a few blocks from Whole Foods, the future streetcar stop; close to Brookside, Crestwood Shops, Loose Park and the Trolley Track Trail! Offered at $419,000. Contact me for more information-Mary Hutchison, Better Homes and Gardens-Kansas City Homes.

Armour Hills Home Sales Report-July 2022

Buyers keep flocking to Armour Hills as a Brookside home location; although the number of homes closed last month was less than the previous year. I suspect this was due to the higher interest rates that kicked in this Spring. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

July 2022July 2021
Median list price:$399,000$375,000
Median sales price:$410,000$395,000
Days on market: 10 2
No. of homes sold: 5 11

Home values are up 3.7% compared to July 2021. Of the five properties that closed last month, the lowest price was $375,000 and the highest was $452,000 (which was $51K over the list price!). Here are the year-to-date numbers:

January-July 2022January-July 2021
Median list price:$397,000$365,000
Median sales price:$419,000$390,000
Days on market: 2 2
No. of homes sold: 48 45

Compared to the same period last year, home prices are up 7.4% in Armour Hills, and we are on track with the same number of properties changing owners. Currently there are four active listings, ranging from $329,000-$439,900 and 31 days on the market.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Waldo Home Sales Report-July 2022

Wonderful Waldo, homebuyers want to live there and prices keep going up as a result! There’s been a big gain in home values compared to last year, as you’ll see with the stats below. Let’s start with the July numbers; I’m using Waldo boundaries of Gregory to 85th and State Line to Holmes for the numbers:

July 2022July 2021
Median list price:$285,000$234,500
Median sales price:$301,000$260,000
Days on market: 3 2
No. homes sold: 35 32

Homes that closed last month were about 5% over the asking price; and values rose 15.7% compared to July 2021. The lowest closed price was $150K and the highest was $525,000.

Here are the year-to-date stats:

January -July 2022January-July 2021
Median list price: $259,000 $250,000
Median sales price: $278,000 $265,000
Days on market: 3 2
No. homes sold: 187 233

Overall, home prices are up 4.9% this year as compared to same period last year. And buyers are still paying over the list price. You’ll note fewer houses selling; 25% less than a year ago. This could be a result of higher interest rates that kicked in this spring.

Currently there are 18 single family homes for sale in Waldo with an average list price of $270,500 and 17 days on the market. Prices range from $139,000 to $485,000.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Brookside Home Sales Report-July 2022

We have some interesting home sales stats for this month’s Brookside home sales report–a big increase in price compared to last year, but fewer homes sold. Let’s take a look at the specifics; I am using the main Brookside zip code of 64113 for this info, single family homes:

July 2022July 2021
Median list price:$540,000$434,500
Median sales price:$530,000$460,000
Days on market: 3 3
No. of homes sold: 35 28

Home values rose 15% compared to July 2021, yet many buyers ended up paying just under the list price last month–whereas last July, when interest rates were much lower, buyers were paying over asking price. Homes are still going under contract quickly–within a few days. Last month, four homes closed over $1,000,000; the highest closed sale was $1.7 million and the lowest sale was $310,000. Now let’s look at the year-to-date numbers:

Jan-July 2022Jan-July 2021
Median list price:$495,000$450,000
Median sales price:$510,000$478,000
Days on market: 2 2
No. of homes sold: 181 196

These figures show a 6.5% increase in home prices YTD compared to the same period in 2021; buyers paying about 3% over asking price. Fewer homes sold so far this year; this could be a result of the higher interest rates that started in the Spring. Currently there are 14 active single family homes for sale in Brookside, with an average list price of $429,950 and 20 days on the market.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Shellfish in Brookside? Have A Taste of the Ocean at Earl’s Premier

It’s soooooo hot……are you desperate for something new and refreshing to send a cool chill through your skin?  I’ve got a suggestion:  stop in Brookside’s newest restaurant, Earl’s Premier, and enjoy a tasty frozen gin and tonic at the bar.  They sell a lot of them these days, over 1800 glasses just last month!

Cory Dannehl and Todd Schulte

Come for the G&T, stay for the food!  Earl’s emphasis is on very fresh seafood: start with the oyster bar, stocked by a company that represents 30 small independent oyster farms. “We are very lucky to have this connection”, explained co-owners Todd Schulte and Cory Dannehl.  “They don’t supply to big chain restaurants.  Our oysters are delivered three times a week, usually within 36 hours of being pulled out of the ocean”.  Other popular menu items include a New Orleans-style Po’ Boy sandwich, mussels, shrimp cocktail, clam chowder, a blue crab guacamole, the Piri Piri spiced chicken plus nightly specials.

You probably heard Todd’s name associated with various restaurants in the KC area:  Joe D’s Wine Bar in Brookside, the Happy Soup Eater and Happy Gillis Café in Columbus Park. Most recently he worked with Christopher Elbow.  Cory supplied beer to Todd’s work spots  via Central States Beverage and the two became friends.  They both traveled to coastal areas and “liked that lifestyle.  We wanted to bring a small, independent seafood place to Kansas City.  And we wanted it to be a neighborhood place, where people can stop in, hang out, have some good seafood.”  Both live in Brookside and were familiar with the former Chai Shai space, knowing it would be just right for the type of place they wanted to open.

Let’s get back to the frozen G&T and what inspired that drink:  Cory and Todd were visiting Austin, and found a bar that was serving a frozen gin and tonic.  Somehow they procured the recipe and purchased the machines to make the drink for Earl’s.  It’s a very precise recipe and has to be mixed and chilled just right to keep the consistency of the drink.  Of course they use local J Rieger and Co gin!   Earl’s also has a few other signature cocktails and a large selection of beer, wine and hard liquors. 

Earl’s Premier, 651 E 59th St

Earl’s Premier takes reservations and because it’s a small restaurant, tables fill up quickly.  You can eat at the bar or on the patio if there is space—there are plans to install a roof and enclose the outdoor space next month for more seating.  Stop in and check out Earl’s Premier—located at 651 E 59th St.  They are open Tuesday through Saturday, and plan to start Sunday brunch sometime this month. The staff is friendly and welcoming—you’ll love the small neighborhood vibe of the place as well as the food!

Waldo Home Sales Report – June 2022

Halfway through the year for Waldo home sales and the stats are showing a bit of a slowdown to what we’ve been experiencing for the past several months: buyers are still paying over the asking price, and newly listed homes going under contract within 48 hours. Yet the number of units sold — big drop. Here are the details for single family homes in Waldo; I use the street boundaries of Gregory to 85th St and State Line to Holmes:

June 2022June 2021
Median list price:$240,000$255,000
Median sales price:$250,000$270,000
No. homes sold: 27 49
Days on market: 2 2

There was a 7.4% drop in median sales price compared to June 2021 and fewer homes sold. Part of the reason for this could be the interest rate hikes that started this Spring–that can have an affect on buyers’ budgets. Here are the year-to-date numbers:

Jan-June 2022Jan-June 2021
Median list price:$250,000$255,000
Median sales price:$275,000$265,000
No. homes sold: 149 195
Days on market: 2 2

This chart shows us the number of units closed is down 23% compared to last year, and prices are up 3.7%. Fewer units available for sale pushed the closed price higher as some houses are still experiencing multiple offers for the well maintained, well priced properties.

Currently there are 13 homes listed in Waldo, with a median list price of $314,900 and six days on the market.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Armour Hills Home Sales Report- June 2022

Home values in Armour Hills continue to rise, and last month we had the third highest closed sale ever–it’s very rare for an Armour Hills house to sell for over $700K but it happened again! Here are the stats for this Brookside subdivision:

June 2022June 2021
Median list price:$390,000$337,500
Median sales price:$430,000$347,500
No. of homes sold: 9 8
Days on market: 2 2

Overall, home values are up 23% compared to June 2021! The highest sale last month was $701,000 on a list price of $660,000. The lowest sale was $365,000.

Here are the year-to-date numbers:

Jan-June 2022Jan-June 2021
Median list price:$395,000$365,000
Median sales price:$420,000$367,450
No. of homes sold: 43 34
Days on market: 2 2

Compared to the first six months of last year, home values are up 14%; buyers are paying 6% over asking price. With interest rates rising, we’ll see how the end of the year shakes out–if prices come down somewhat. There is still a lot of demand so I don’t foresee a big plunge in home sales at all. Currently there are five homes listed in Armour Hills with an average price of $405,000 and ten days on the market. The ten day figure shows you that at least some homes are not going under contract within 48 hours of listing. Of those five homes, all listed within the three weeks, three of them have had price reductions.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)