New Restaurants in Brookside-Julian and Mezzaluna

Support local businesses…the money you spend locally tends to stay in the area and is ‘respent’ many times over.  Residents of Brookside and Waldo are known for their loyalty to local businesses.  ALthough there are a few national chain operations here (Baskin Robbins, Mr Goodcents, Tuesday Morning), waht gives our neighborhoods it’s character is the LACK of the same national restaurants and stores you see all over the suburbs in most Any City USA.

Armour Hills has a new restaurant with Mezzaluna at 120 East Gregory.  I stopped in yesterday, not for dining but to just check out the atmosphere and menu.  Unfortunately, I was not greeted warmly by the gentleman at the front who surely is one of the owners.  I asked to see a menu, and he wordlessly gave me a to go menu.  I asked about the upstairs room and he offered to escort me up there for a quick look.  Was hoping for some friendly conversatin initiated by him–after all, I’m a potential customer.  When I’m holding an openhouse and someone walks in, you can be sure I am greeting them with a smile and telling them a few specifics about the home.brookside rest 002

Inside there area comfortable booths and some tables, plus a small bar area.  The is a separate ‘to go’ pick up area–very convenient!  On the menu, lunch offers several variations on pizza, $7-8 each, with pasta items priced the same.  The three entrees are chicken, veal or eggplant parmigiana.  Salads are an extra charge.  Dinner entrees must be lovingly prepared–the menu tells you to allow 25 minutes for preparation of your meal.  Averaging $14-18 each, the entrees come with a potatoe and vegetable.  Pizza is also an option at night, priced at $14.  I fyou are planning a special event or have a large party, the upstairs dining area is elegant and comfortable.  It seats 28-40 persons. Mezzaluna is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. 

brookside rest 001Celebrated ex-American Restaurant chef Celine Tio has opened Julian at 6227 Brookside Plaza, in the former spot of Joe D’s. I have not dined here yet but hope to soon–Ms Tio promises good food that won’t break the budget–let’s see if she delivers on taste and portion size.  Sandwiches and entrees are on the menu, including lobster Shepard’s Pie, fish tacos, braised short ribs and mini desserts.  Cheesy grits and onion rings are a couple of the side dishes.  The decor is minimal:  there are placemats, not tablecloths, and the outdoor patio is a welcome option during good weather.  Right now Julian is open only for dinner; lunch and breakfast hours are planned. 

Thanks for reading my blog..have you dined at either restaurant?  Tell me about it with your comments!



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