My Valentine to Brookside

Why do I love living in Brookside…?  There are so many reasons..I’ll just start typing…

1. Character.  The character of the homes, so many different styles, so well made, still standing after 80+ years. This is not a cookie cutter neighborhood.

2.  Character Part II.  The character of the Brookside residents. Young and old, gay and whatever, single, married, retired, dogs and cats, various nationalities–you can encounter all of these characters on a single block.  Within a five mile span there are very wealthy folks and the singles on a budget. all mingle together. 

3.  Character Part III.  The character of the local shops and restaurants.  Here in Brookside, we have local residents selling goods and services to … local residents.  Julian, Stuff, The Well, Foos, The Roasterie, Bella Napoli, SRO Video, Eclectics, Blue Grotto, Waldo Pizza…these places are unique to the area and appreciate the support of the local nieghbors. 

4.  Walkability.  There are other communities that try to duplicate Brookside’s charm and walkability.  But we are (one of) the original(s).  The Trolley Track Trail winds through Brookside and Waldo–here you see friends and nieghbors out walkin’ the dog and the kids.  It’s a great path for a jog..or break out the bike.  Off the trail…stroll the sidewalks to the shops for a cocktail or coffee.  You will probably see someone you know.

5.  Affordability.  Those who can spend a half a million for a house can find it in Brookside.  Those who have much less can also find a home in the area.  Home prices have taken a little tumble but overall, remain steady.  Brookside will always be a desireable place to live because of ….

Character.  Thank you JC Nichols, who started it all.

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