Need a Haircut? Call Maggie!

I love getting my hair cut…don’t you?  It’s so relaxing…having someone else wash your hair, cut it, style it…not having to deal with it for a day.  When you have someone who cuts your hair well, it’s an appointment to look forward to.  But besides the technical part of cutting hair, what else makes the difference?

It’s the personality of the stylist!  And that’s why I love getting my hair cut by Maggie Nelson at Salon Mir in Brookside.  Not only does she do a good job cutting my hair–she takes her time to get it right–but she is genuinely interested in the person who sits in her chair.  Maggie makes a point of getting to know all of her customers personally, and is so entertaining with stories from her own day to day life.  Quite often my appointment is over before we’ve had the chance to finish catching up!  Maggie is a native of Ireland, and has that joy of life that so many Irish folk have.  She will make you feel comfortable within minutes.

Of course if you’d rather just sit in the chair, close your eyes and relax with no conversation…Maggie can do that too. Just tell her. She won’t be offended.  I’ve nodded off a couple of times as she cut my hair, so grateful to have an hour to myself with no interruptions by phone, kids, or work.

For a friendly and professional hair styling experience, call (or text) Maggie at 816 729 0097. Salon Mir is on Gregory just east of Main Street in Brookside. 

Thanks for reading my blog…you can reach me via email or visit my website.

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