Quick News!

A few bits of news from the ‘hood:

In big letters…CARLY SUE’S FAMILY DINER..now posted on Gregory Blvd just east of Main.  This new restaurant is going in the old Mezzaluna’s spot. It will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner starting in September.  Owners Tom and Barbara Byrum have a catering background–can’t wait to try this new spot. Oh I hope they serve THIN crispy waffles!

I miss The Sweet Guy.  Unfortunately there wasn’t much business for this gelato/coffee/pastry shop but the staff was friendly, and I liked the  relaxed atmosphere with  a very visible location along Wornall/Broadway.  A franchise restaurant, South Beach Taco Factory, is scheduled to go into this spot.  Let’s hope the food doesn’t taste like it’s factory made.

And finally, local superstar and mom-who-can-do-it-all chef Celina Tio is a contestant on the Next Iron Chef reality show starting in October.  Smart marketing tie-in: her restaurant Julian will have a weekly watch party on Sundays featuring the food she prepared during the competition.

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2 thoughts on “Quick News!

  1. I was not impressed by Carly Sues. I erroneously assumed that the 15 minute wait for a table was due to a very successful brunch rush, but it was due to the fact that everyone’s service was ridiculously slow. Once seated, French toast took 45 minutes to serve. The wait staff is inexperienced. There absolutely no decor or personal touch, and the place looks gutted — it’s essentially whatever Mezzaluna left behind. They don’t even have window treatments. The food was inoffensive, diner fare, but certainly not worth the wait.

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