Brief Summary–Armour Hills Annual Homeowners Assn Mtg

Last night was the Armour Hills Annual Homeowners Assn meeting.  Happy to say, we had our best attendance–over 60 people!  I think this was due to some extra promotion and a little different format as well.

In the past year, Armour Hills  HOA has accomplished quite a bit:  new wind screens on the tennis courts, new picnic tables in the park, the pool was sandblasted and painted, there’s a new island and sign  just off Brookside Rd at 70th (landscaping coming in the spring next year), and we signed a contract for snow removal for the winter of 2010/2011.  Still, at last night’s meeting we wanted to hear more of what the homeowners would like to see the association do–what are the priorities?  So Gunner Hand broke up the attendees into small groups and we all spoke out about some possible improvements and concerns for the neighborhood. 

All four breakout groups would like to see better contact and cooperation with the City of Kansas City MO when reaching out for information, complaints, problems.  A number of residents would like to see a better public school option and expressed concerns about the ongoing upheaval at Southwest High.  Better codes enforcement was mentioned, along with a printed Armour Hills directory, appointment of block captains, park improvements and neighborhood clean-up/sustainability workshops.  The board will take all of these suggestions, narrow them down to the top 4 or 5 we feel we can tackle, and report back to the residents through the Clarion.

Our city council representative Jan Marcusson was in attendance–she actually joined one of the break out sessions and listened to comments from the group.  Mayoral candidates Deb Hermann, Jim Rowland and Mike Burke also came by.  Deb and Mike left early–Jim stayed almost to the end of the meeting.

We elected two new board members, Dan Newman and Mistie Costaker.  David Pucci was re-elected to the board and serves as treasurer.  Finally, it was almost unanimous vote that a small annual increase in dues was passed.

Armour Hills is the Brookside subdivision with the largest number of homes. Overall, we have a great neighborhood and a very active HOA with so many caring residents who love living here.  Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting in support of our HOA!

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