Art Installation in Armour Hills

While taking a walk last night with my daughter, we rambled over to W 66th St to check out a temporary art installation on the front yard.  The home is owned by the Bittermans, who operate The Reading Reptile on 63rd St in Brookside.  Have never seen anything like this in Armour Hills–it’s worth a look!

Art installation 14 W 66th St

Called “Exploring Point of Interest homo vulgaris”, this wooden stand has many features along with lots of information.  There’s a large plaque in the middle, with pop out wooden squares on one side and a listening post on the other.  A small map of the Country Club District is reprinted, along  with information on JC Nichols and his residential development.  The listening post has headphones; slip them on and hear recorded conversation from inside the home about the pros and cons of eating meat; a piano practice; a Royals game.  There are other points of interest around the art piece and a four-color brochure with additional explanations.  I’m not sure what the point of the work is– a portion of the description from the brochure reads: ‘an existential overlook situated along a cognitive horizon line between the natural and the built environment.‘  It seems to be a comment on how humans live within the natural environment. Even if you don’t understand the entire point of the piece, it’s interesting enough to stop by and check it out, spark some conversation with the kids while walking the dog or pushing a stroller.

Details:  14 W 66th St, Kansas City MO.  Hours are Mon-Sat 9am-dusk, closed on Sundays, holidays and rainy days.  Available for public viewing until July 30.

Thanks to the Bittermans for enriching our Brookside subdivision with art!

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