Waldo Farmer’s Market — More than Fresh Produce

I checked out the Waldo Farmer’s Market yesterday for the first time–and I’ll be back!  It’s small, five or six stands, but already very popular with area residents.  It’s located in the shady grassy area next to the Habitat ReStore on 79th St just east off Wornall.  Every Wednesday, 3-7pm–stop by and you can sign up for a weekly email of what will be for sale that week.

This week’s produce included plenty of cabbage, garlic, leeks, kale, squash, some blueberries, potatoes, fresh herbs and peppers.  I was looking for big ripe tomatoes–too early I think.  Farm to Market had a booth full of fresh breads, another booth offered body care products and…my favorite….Fresher than Fresh snow cones!

This trailer is always at First Fridays with long lines of customers–here there was no line and an eclectic menu of the  fresh fruit flavored pairings with a twist.  I love the pineapple serrano; yesterday there was a new flavor of blood orange. It’s worth a stop just for the snow cone, even if you don’t need produce!

Remember to stop into  Habitat ReStore after your market shopping.  Or, bring something to ReStore to donate the next time you visit the Waldo Farmer’s Market.

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