Support Local Brookside Businesses: 5B & Co Candlemakers

This is the perfect little Brookside shop:  enticing curb appeal, attractive decor inside, friendly customer service and product just about everyone can enjoy:  scented candles.  I’m burning one now as I write–“Tighty Whiteys” — a birthday gift from my daughter.

Owner Lori Woods sort of fell into opening a candle shop.  A former teacher, she was shopping at the 5B store in Weston and thought, “Why can’t I open a candle shop like this in Brookside?”.  She bought a franchise and opened her doors July 9, 2003 at 6231 Brookside Plaza. Lori makes the votives and tealights in this shop; the larger tins and pillars are poured at the Weston store.  She likens the candle making process to baking cookies:  each made one at a time.

What makes this candle store different is the whimsical names for the scents–Smelly Cat, Handyman, Group Hug, KC Barbecue.  You can’t help but smile when sniffing around, trying to decide which ones to buy.  Lori also makes the usual perfumed candle fragrances  of honeysuckle, lavender, lilac, etc–there are over 150 to choose from. Her lastest offering is called Junie Bee, a scent for her Mom, which has a peachy-apricot  smell.

Lori has weathered the downturn in the ecomony very well for a small business.  She is surprised and grateful for her loyal customers (she often hears:  ‘this is my favorite candle shop!’) and emphasizes sincere customer service with all employees.  Being the  sole owner with two small children, it’s  a challenge juggling two full time jobs (any mom can relate to this!).  Like Lori herself, employees are from the Brookside area and if you stop in–you’ll often recognize someone from the neighborhood helping you with your purchase or browsing the store.  This is part of the irristable charm of shopping in Brookside–it’s like a family of distant cousins ready to help you with what you need who sincerely appreciate your business.

Candles make a creative hostess gift or small ‘thinking of you’ favor.  You can spend a lot or a little–having that fresh scent burning brightens your mood and the atmosphere.   One of the biggest summer sellers in the store are citronella candles or incense sticks. She explained that for the citronella to work, the oil content must be at least 5% in the product. I bought one of her Amazon Lights candles for outdoor dining and plan to try it out this week on the patio during an al fresco dinner.

Stop by 5B & Co Candlemakers (816 361 6393) the next time you are in Brookside.  Buy a few candles to have on hand for those last minute gifts or when you need a scented mood pick up. You will enjoy your visit to 5B in Brookside!

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