Back to School Dates – Please Drive Cautiously in Brookside!

You drive the same route every day…but the next couple of weeks will be different!  The school calendar is showing start dates for area grade and high schools. Here in Brookside,  please note the dates below when children will be heading back to school that first day:

Monday, August 15:  Southwest Charter, 6512  Wornall          

                                                University Academy, 6801 Holmes         

Tuesday, August 16:  St Peter’s School, 6415 Holmes

Thursday, August 18:  St Teresa’s Academy, 5600 Main

Wednesday, August 24: Academie Layfayette, 6903 Oak

As you drive to your destination in the morning, please be aware of kids walking and riding bikes to school, and crossing the streets.  Be aware of increased auto and bus traffic for drop offs near these addresses. 

Thank you!



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