Labor Day and Self Motivation

As one gets older…it seems easier to shrug off the self motivation.  The aged body whispers:  ‘just lay on the sofa’ and the brain says ‘look at all that’s left on the to do list’.  But what’s so important on the to do list? Straightening up the basement, sorting out the girls’ summer clothes, stopping by Target and ironing. Blah.

But my seventeen year old daughter is very self motivated towards an admirable goal:  earning enough money to go back to Spain next summer.  She recently got a job at The Dime Store and still babysits as often as she can.  She has bills:  car insurance, gas, phone bill, entertainment cash and she loves to shop.  Last week she told us she is saving to return to Spain next year to see her friend Macarena, who she stayed with during a trip with her spanish class last summer.    Erin fell in love with ‘the European lifestyle’.  What’s so striking is that when I was 19, it was my goal to go to Europe–and I saved my money and went to London and Paris for three weeks. I knew my parents couldn’t afford it, but I had the fever to get out of the midwest, out of my parents’ house and on my own.  So I did. And now my daughter wants to do the same thing. It must be in the genes.

Perhaps my ‘to do’ list should be …. go back to Europe, instead of ‘go to Target’. And I should be saving money to do it before it’s too late.  The responsibilities of everyday life get in the way:  money for retirement, for groceries, for college, for gas, for home maintenance, car repair, the business…and somehow the cash  coming in doesn’t keep up with the ever-increasing expenses.  So the days trickle by, one by one, and I think, ‘maybe some day when the kids are gone and on their own I’ll have time and money for xxxxx’.  Yes I’m self motivated to do it, and working every day for several  decades should also include the promise to finally book those plane tickets.  I’m so glad Erin is making plans to fly again into her dreams…now.

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