Brookside Author to Discuss “Pilate’s Cross” at Plaza Library Feb 23!

What’s the best part about reading a non-fiction book?  For me, it’s the escape into another world.  At the end of the day, I look forward to surrounding myself with different folks, in another city, with various relationship dramas and situations to deal with.  Living with a good book for a few weeks is a joy, and sharing the experience with someone else is one reason why book clubs are so popular.  Having the chance to talk with the author of a favorite book—a thrilling meeting of the minds!

Alex Greenwood

Award-winning Brookside author J. Alexander Greenwood, who wrote Pilate’s Cross will speak at the Plaza location of the Kansas City Public Library on February 23 at 6:30 p.m. (Please click here to RSVP.) This crime thriller is based on a true story that happened in Peru, Nebraska. In the book, John Pilate and his new friend Kate investigate the unsolved mystery of the murdered president of Cross College. Greenwood gained access to actual police records, crime scene photos and news reports in researching the book. (Full disclosure, Alex is a friend of mine, thus this post to help promote this event.  But I did read the book and really enjoyed it–more so, I think, because I know the author!)

Thoroughly engrossing, the characters the author created will prompt your escape into this novel.  John is someone who is generally minding his own business and suddenly forced to take action because of particular circumstances.  How he gets through this ‘mystery situation’ will keep you turning the pages in this book!

They say ‘write what you know’, and Alex based John somewhat on himself.  Sexy and attractive Kate is a composite of women he’s known, including perhaps a particular girl he met in Nebraska. When asked about his favorite part of the book, Greenwood is particularly proud of the snappy dialogue between John Pilate and the sheriff.

“My grandfather, an accomplished author in his lifetime, instilled in me the value of having characters which are relatable to the reader,” Alex said. “You can have the greatest mystery plot around, but if the characters are cardboard, it won’t work.”

Alex said he was first inspired to write during numerous childhood talks about storytelling with his grandfather, Robert E. Trevathan. He fondly remembers seeing Trevathan–an award-winning author of dozens of Western and historical fiction novels–sitting alone at a card table outside a Waldenbooks store patiently waiting to sign a few books and talk about writing at an “author event” . “Ah, the glamorous life of the author!” Alex said. “I was hooked.”

“Pilate’s Cross” has been well received with several hundred fans–many who asked that Greenwood write a sequel.  That sequel was released this month.  Pilate’s Key sends John on another adventure, this time in Key West, Florida.  When I first met Alex, he was still writing the book–and now there is the sequel.  I so admire his determination to get his words out in front of book readers.  Self publishing his work through the web has brought him success much faster than trying to go the traditional publishing route.  He’s an inspirational example of what hard work, determination, and a lot of charisma can do to help achieve your personal artistic and creative goals.

For more info about the book, links to retailers and to watch the book trailer video, click here (or paste the link below into your browser):

If you are in a book club, Alex is happy to drop in for a discussion of the book (in person or even via Skype)!

“Pilate’s Cross” is available as an e-book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and most other ebook retailers.  You can buy hard copies at the library event or by special order through Lulu, Rainy Day Books, I Love a Mystery, Barnes & Noble or other local bookstores.  Be sure to check out the Pilate’s Cross/Key Facebook page for special offers and updates.

Hope to see you at the Plaza library February 23!


Lulu (paperback):

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