Armour Hills March 2012 Board Meeting Recap

This post is about a week late!  I’ve been busy trying to work ahead as I’ll be out of town on a little vacation soon. So let’s get right to it—here’s a brief recap of the March 20, 2012 Armour Hills Homes Association board meeting:

Once again, we had several local residents attend and speak about the plans to be more aggressive preventing crime in our subdivision.  The Board is planning a mailing calling for a vote to increase dues, with the extra monies going for regular security patrol a few hours each day.  We are also planning a ‘security fair’ (in June) where residents can stop by and learn about various preventative measures they can take to protect their home and vehicles from burglaries.

The Board is concerned that KCMO is planning to delete funding for residential  fall and spring leaf pick-up  due to budget cuts.  We are drafting a letter to our city council representatives stating we are against this budget cut.

Regarding our PIAC request submitted last year, now that we are now in the 6th district rather than the 4th district, we did not  get as much funding as  requested.  However, thanks to our City Liaison board member Gunnar Hand, we are getting $90,000 for tree maintenance!  Every street tree in Armour Hills will be trimmed and we will have money to plant new trees where needed.  Gunnar is working with the city forester on details to implement this project.  The funds we requested for tennis court maintenence and lights addition will not be available.

Reminder:  the annual Armour Hills garage sale is Saturday May 19, and the Ice Cream Social is September 7.

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