Hey Anthony Bourdain, Try Dining in Brookside!

So Anthony Bourdain’s excellent travel show, No Reservations, broadcasts an episode tonight that filmed in Kansas City last fall.  According to the article in today’s’ Kansas City Star, the visit focuses on many of our beloved barbecue joints.  It’s been done, Anthony!   We know how much you love Oklahoma Joe’s….you need to make a visit to Brookside for dining!  And if you did….here’s where I would take you….

First, a short stop at Waldo Pizza for an appetizer of their St Louis Style pizza.  OK, so maybe this pizza with provel cheese originated in St Louis, (and it’s in Waldo) but this is the kind of place Tony would like:  locally owned, crazy busy all the time, interesting artwork on the walls and a wait staff with lots of tats. My personal favorite is the fresh mushroom and pineapple pizza..go ahead and groan.  Along with our cheesy treat, Tony can try several of the freshly brewed beers from Boulevard.

Julian in Brookside

Our next stop for the entrée:  Julian.  No need to hop in your chauffeured limo, Tony, we can just walk along the Trolley Track Trail.  We’ll dine outside, as it would be a perfect spring evening.  Knowing what a pork fanatic Tony is, I would suggest we order the crispy pork shoulder with sweet potato puree.  This is SO tasty, I almost have to order it every time I go to Julian.  It must be a house specialty, as owner Celina Tio once told me how it’s made—it takes two days to concoct this dish!  Of course, Celina and Tony may recognize each other from their appearances on Top Chef—and don’t all those famous chefs know each other anyway? As tempting as it would be to stay for chocolate pudding and a ginger doughnut, we move on for dessert…

Tony isn’t big on eating sweets, but who could resist the profiteroles at Aixois?  A light pastry puff, split open and topped with vanilla bean ice cream, toasted almonds and chocolate sauce…so simple yet so good.  He would appreciate another casual, locally owned restaurant with a warm  atmosphere and reasonable prices. Tony might compare it to his old French bistro, Les Halles.  We’re not done yet, though, there is one more stop…

Heading back south on the trail, we would order lattes at The Roasterie Café.  Notice, Tony, the wide rimmed cups that provide a creamy sip of foam with

The Roasterie Cafe in Brookside

every drink of locally roasted coffee!   Ok, it’s not like drinking espresso in an Italian courtyard, but still, the people watching is good, the service friendly, and if you  crave another shot of chocolate…indulge in  a Christopher Elbow chocolate with your beverage. Or we could walk a bit further to Glace and try scoops of their artisan ice creams:  basil lime sorbet, salted pretzel, goat cheese and wildflower honey.  Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

You see, Tony, our barbecue has  a well deserved great reputation..but there’s more to Kansas City than big smoky meat, fries and a cream soda.  Brookside is your kind of place…the next time you come to KC to satisfy a craving for Oklahoma Joe’s, spend some time dining in Brookside. Like all other  die hard New Yorkers, you’ll be surprised at what’s happening here outside of the barbecue scene.

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