The Picnic Project at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

OK, this isn’t a blog about Brookside…but about an event I know many Brooksiders will attend!

It’s “The Picnic Project” this Sunday, July 15 2012 on the lawn at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.  Everyone loves the   front lawn of the Nelson…it’s magnificent, I never tire of looking at it. On Sunday the lawn will be transformed into a huge picnic area, open to the public.

For the past several weeks, there have been several fabric painting workshops around the city.  Anyone could paint a 5ftx5ft red or white canvas ‘blanket’.  These individual  blankets will be assembled into one huge  10,000 sf picnic blanket on the lawn Sunday from noon-2pm, and the picnic is 2-4.

Picnic Project blanket squares

Kansas City based artist Alison Heryer is the creator of this public art piece.  She teaches fiber art at the Kansas City Art Institute.  What a fascinating sight this will be for everyone to enjoy!

If you decide to make a day of it at the Nelson, remember their featured exhibition this summer is Inventing the Modern World: Decorative Arts at the World’s Fairs 1851-1939.

Summer 2012 Exhibit Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

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