Brookside/Waldo Tax Reassessment Notices-In the Mail!

Did you recently get a letter from the Jackson County Assessment Department? Yes, neighbors, it’s that time again…Jackson County is reassessing residential property for the 2013 tax bills.

We recently got the letter at our house, so I called the assessor’s office to get more details about the process. Working north from south KC, their  focus is now on the Brookside area. Staff from the assessment department will soon be inspecting and measuring the  exterior of homes.  Workers will NOT ask to enter your home; however, you will receive a door hanger asking you to call in more specific information. When  you  phone in, you will be asked questions about various features of your home: how many bedrooms and baths; if you’ve added on any rooms or have a finished basement. All of this information will be used to determine a ‘fair market value’ for your home, based on recent comparable sales in your neighborhood.

Next spring, the valuation notices will be mailed.  Not only will your home have a specific dollar valuation, but it will also feature  an estimate of your new property tax bill.  In the past, your notice stated  the value of your home but not how much the tax bill might be. Property taxes are due at the end of the year, so residents will have plenty of time to protest the new property valuation if they feel it’s unfair. And remember, when your property taxes go up, so will your monthly mortgage payment to cover the tax escrow account.

Watch for assessment personnel walking around your neighborhood in the next few weeks. If you want more information, the Assessor’s office phone number is 816 881 4661.

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