Tree Planting Project in Armour Hills

Fellow Armour Hills residents…and Brooksiders who enjoy our neighborhood–I wanted to write this short blog with an update on the tree planting and pruning project for our subdivision.

Armour Hills in Brookside

Armour Hills in Brookside

The $90,000 in PIAC funds we secured (thanks to Armour Hills board member Gunnar Hand), along with an additional $45,000 from the city of Kansas City MO (thank you City Forester Kevin LaPointe) will be used to kickstart this project.   KCMO will prune all trees (NOT those on private property) starting from the north side of Gregory Blvd into Armour Hills as far as the budgeted money will allow.  The City Forester will also work with our contractor Greg VanBooven to prune the smaller, juvenile trees at the same time.

Planting of new trees will bring in the spring of 2013, starting on the south side of 65th St, moving south until the funds are gone. This part of the plan will include a new tree in Arbor Villa Park along the Edgevale Road boundary close to the playground.

Note if there is a tree planted on the easement in front of your house, we will ask you to maintain the tree once it is planted by watering frequently so it can get established in it’s new home.

Watch for more information on the project in the Armour Hills Clarion and on our Facebook and website pages.  Special thanks to board member Gunnar Hand for securing public funds for this project!

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