Last Minute Valentine’s Day Shopping in Brookside

OK guys, have you waited until the last-minute to pick up a gift for your sweetheart?  I’ve got the answer:  head to 63rd and Brookside, park the car and follow this plan. Bring a small shopping bag with you. You’ll have a personalized, wrapped gift in about 30 minutes!

*First stop is 5B&Co candlemakers.  Pick out a small votive or jar candle with a special scent: perhaps cashmere or jasmine. (Better yet–call ahead and ask their friendly staff to pick out a few for you and have them ready to be picked up.) Take the free brown paper bag with you to use as your gift bag.

*Just around the corner, stop at Fiddly Fig. Chose one fresh flower–a stargazer lily, long stemmed rose.  Wrap it up!

*Head west on 63rd to Stuff.  Ask one of their knowledgeable staff people to help you pick out one or more of the following items: scented soap/lotion/earrings/necklace.  If you don’t know your girl’s taste in jewelry, stick with the soap and lotion–although you can exchange items at Stuff.  Stuff will gift wrap your items, and politely ask if the 5B candles can be wrapped as well. 

You’re done! For extra points, if you have time and want to spend more, stop by Carmen’s Cafe or JULIAN for a gift card, and Berbiglia for a bottle of wine. 

Enjoy your Valentine’s evening..and remember next year to shop ahead of time…

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