Jackson County Mailing Assessment Notices to Brookside Homeowners

The Jackson County Assessment department recently sent out reassessment notices to hundreds of homeowners in the Brookside area. You may recall going through reassessment two years ago, as Missouri reassesses residential properties in  odd numbered years. The Kansas City Star featured an article on Saturday about the updated property values, as some homeowners’ tax bills have increased dramatically.

Here in Brookside, home values are up. However, you may feel your property assessment is high compared to fair market value (what your home would sell for in today’s market).  As a homeowner, you do have the right to appeal the valuation.  Instructions are on the form that you recieved in the mail, or you can visit  www.jacksongov.org/appeal.  When making your appeal, you may have to provide recent home sales in your area that are comparable to your property.  Check websites like Trulia and Zillow for more information, or ask your Realtor for assistance.

I do not know how they come up with the specific property  market value for each  home.  Our home was assessed at $2000 less than two years ago, yet a neighbor’s property value increased by $40,000! It’s worth a bit of your time to file an appeal if you believe the county has overvalued your house.

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