Waldo Home Sales Report – June 2014

Although we are into the month of August, I am reporting June home sales stats for Waldo now…as the July figures won’t be ready for another week or so.  Sales in Waldo were slower compared to the same month one year ago.  The  geographic area I’m using for Waldo is: State Line to Holmes and Gregory to 85th St.

In June 2014, 29 homes sold with a median price of $138,000 and 88 days on market.  The lowest home sale was $85,000 and the highest was $347,500.

In June 2013, 40 homes sold with a median price of $183,500 and 57 days on market.  

Average sales price was done from one year ago and houses sat on the market longer before an offer was confirmed. The big drop in average sales price is due to more expensive homes selling in the area.

Here are the year-to-date figures:

From January – June  2014, 153 homes have sold with a median price of $140,000 and 75 days on market.  

From January – June  2013, 163 homes sold with a median price of $145,000 and 78 days on market.

So we are seeing a bit smaller number of homes sold compared to 2013–days on market are virtually the same and the average price is down.

When looking at average sales prices for the Waldo area, remember that there is a wide range of home sizes and prices.  The houses on the eastern side are generally smaller and less expensive; as you move closer to State Line, the homes are larger and go up  in price.  When several homes sell in western Waldo, the average price kicks up.

Currently there are 77 homes for sale in Waldo, with a median list price of $130,000 and 83 days on market.  The lowest price home is $19,900 and the highest is $294,900.  (All figures taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed).

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