Dinosaur Show Coming to the Sprint Center

Is that a real dinosaur at St Elizabeth's School??

Is that a real dinosaur at St Elizabeth’s School??

Last week, St Elizabeth’s School in Waldo had a special visitor…from a dinosaur! OK, not a real one, but very life-like! The one pictured here is a “Baby T” replica.

The Walking with Dinosaurs show is coming to the Sprint Center next month. This multi-million dollar show features 20 life sized dinosaurs who walk and roar around the stage in a performance that takes you back to what ‘life’ was like millions of years ago. These creatures are endlessly fascinating–and to see them move like they did in the old days really sparks the imagination. Operated by master puppeteers, this is a elaborate multi-media event featuring video, large stage sets, the huge dinosaurs plus original music.

The live theatrical show originated in Australia, and has toured several cities in the US and UK to favorable reviews. The performance lasts about ninety minutes, and prices start at $19.50. This is the type of stage show our Sprint Arena was built for–it’s a visually spectacular experience. Details about dates and showtimes available at www.dinosaurlive.com.  I think school age kids–and their parents–would have a great time at this event.  It’s that sort of show that holds your attention while giving you a history lesson as well!

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