The 2014 World Series–And The Winner Is:

 RoyalsIn a week it will be over. The souvenirs in the discount bin, the parade completed, personal Royals jerseys  stashed away until next April.  Today we wonder, who will win the 2014 World Series?  Of course we believe it will the our Royals.  But you know we’ve already won.

We’ve won because of the incredible ride the team, the fans, the City has been on since last month. We  feel,  inside ourselves,  the sparkle in Hosmer’s eyes, the power in Butler’s swing, the confident Cain catches.  We have become them and they us.   We are drunk on the Royals booze–the bitter and the sweet–as we go about our daily routine.

And so we wait.  We plan our  calendar around these last games.  We hope, we pray, we will watch with friends, we will wear our gear.  It’s almost over.  No matter the score,  we all won in this unforgettable Royals baseball season.


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