Caffeine Crawl Next Month Includes Waldo Beverage Stops

caffeineYou’ve heard of boozy pub crawls…today I want to mention the sixth annual Caffeine Crawl happening next month. This outing has become wildly popular in Kansas City, and it usually sells out well before the event date…so if you are looking for something different to do on the weekend, consider joining in!


The Caffeine Crawl is a guided tasting tour of various coffee, tea, chocolate and juice shops in KC, spread out over ten routes.  Over fifteen different businesses are participating this year. Waldo hot spots Bier Station, McLain’s Bakery, One More Cup, Second Best Coffee and Unbakery and Juicery are on this year’s route. You do need a vehicle to get from location to location–(carpool and meet some new friends!) however one route is bike friendly.

This year’s Caffeine Crawl is April 15-17, 2016 and you can buy tickets online. Some routes are already sold out. It’s a fun, friendly way to visit some new beverage spots in the midtown/Brookside and Waldo area so if you are interested, check out the details soon!

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