New Patio Open at Bier Station

bs patio

New Patio at Bier Station in Brookside

The new expanded patio is open at Bier Station!

I remember back in December 2012 when John Couture opened Bier Station in Armour Hills at 120 E Gregory . He was one of the pioneers of the specialty brew shop–and now there are almost too many to count in the KC area. Bier Station is Brookside’s “Cheers” bar…friendly staff who know who you are and love talking about the beer offerings they have for sale.

bs menu

New Food Options at Bier Station

There are some other changes at Bier Station besides the patio: more food on the menu, including smoked wings, sliders, flatbreads, soups, and new sandwiches. John and his kitchen staff are currently testing new items such as seasonal salads and vegetables, and a few sweet treats. Whatever goes over well with the customers (they want feedback!) will make it to the menu.

Also coming soon is a new ordering app called “Meagan”, which will allow customers to order food and beer from their tables in the bar that will be delivered by bar staff.

More about the patio…it will feature a rain proof awning, electric heat lamps, more seating and more dog hooks. A perfect place for sipping a brew, noshing on tasty food and visiting with friends. Stop by and enjoy one of our warm spring evenings on the new Bier Station patio!

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