Waldo Farmers Market–Peak Season Produce Available Every Wed

waldo peachesSince I wrote earlier this week about my visit to the Brookside Farmers Market last Saturday, I thought it was fair to visit the Waldo Farmers Market as well.  This is peak time for fresh, seasonal fruit and produce, and Brookside/Waldo residents are fortunate to have two markets to visit every week!

The Waldo Farmers Market is smaller, but offers similar vendors that grow USDA Certified organic produce.  I saw all the usual vegetables:  kale, lettuces, beans, garlic, tomatoes, potatoes, corn.  There were also fresh blackberries and beautiful, ripe peaches! Prices were similar to the Brookside Farmers Market.

waldo veganA few items available here that I didn’t see at the Brookside market:  Mean Vegan ice cream, all natural dog treats and home made soap. 

The Waldo Farmers Market is conveniently located at 303 W 79th St, next to Habitat ReStore, and is open every Wednesday from 3-7pm.

waldo dog treats


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