Brookside Coffee Battle? Roasterie vs. Starbucks

That title is a bit misleading…there are several places you can get a  coffee  in downtown Brookside.  But the recent Kansas City Star report about Starbucks possibly moving into the Goodcents location at 6304 Brookside Plaza has many residents concerned:  will our beloved Brookside become as bland and generic as parts of Overland Park (or Lees Summit, or Olathe, etc)?  I’m optimistic this is not going to happen.


The Roasterie Cafe in Brookside

Brookside is the first location owner (and longtime Brookside resident) Danny O’Neill chose for his coffee spot.  It was an immediate success.  (Remember when there was an ugly gas station on that corner? I do, as I was carjacked there!).  Like so many locally owned Brookside establishments (think Stuff or 5 B Candle or Worlds Window), The Roasterie Cafe is similar to a village town pub: how often do you walk in and see someone you know?  It’s a gathering place not only for liquid refreshment but so much more:  students doing homework; parents taking a break with kids; getting a project done on the laptop.   Yes, all that can happen at an anonymous Starbucks but it’s special  at Roasterie.  It’s a different  feeling  because it’s local–and I think that unique, Brookside vibe is what neighbors want to protect.  The Roasterie Cafe is a great neighbor, supporting area  community causes and being so active in the our city.  Will Starbucks do the same? Perhaps. But it’s a big step above a national when the locally based business owner  is so involved,  visible and vested in his hometown.  Mr. O’Neill  doesn’t have to answer to Wall Street investors.  He can easily partner with other local businesses, use and promote other home grown products, create special blends for area restaurants, donate gift cards to  fundraisers.  You could probably even reach him directly on the phone!  And honestly, no Starbucks anywhere will ever have the same warm sweater feeling as an organically home grown coffee shop.  

I remember years ago, when Starbucks opened at the corner of Westport Road and Broadway, just a few steps from the Broadway Cafe. There was an outcry at that time as well to keep national chains out of Westport.  After several years, Starbucks shut down and the Broadway Cafe is still going strong.  We have several chain stores in Brookside that neighbors  patronize; the mix seems to work. It is extremely expensive to open and operate your own small business, especially in a highly desirable  location with pricey rent like Brookside. Big national chains have  millions of dollars to play with.  That’s why it is imperative that we support locally owned shops, restaurants and services–here in our neighborhood and when travelling.  Brookside thrives as a destination shopping and dining area because of the unique, one of a kind places you find here….and because area residents recognize their importance and support them financially.  

roasterie cup

Would Starbucks ever create something as unique as this?

Like many Brooksiders, I enjoy a Starbucks beverage every so often.  But I’ll always stop at Roasterie over a national chain. Nothing beats the creamy foam created on their lattes! Thank you for supporting locally owned Brookside/Waldo businesses!



1 thought on “Brookside Coffee Battle? Roasterie vs. Starbucks

  1. Thank you for this!!! I absolutely adore being part of Brookside! and the Roasterie is one of my faves! The whole reason I moved my store into Brookside was because of this neighborhood and the local establishments! “Keep Brookside local” 😍

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