Shopgirls Relocated to Brookside East

The popular Brookside women’s clothing store, Shopgirls, is now located in the fast-growing Brookside East area of Brookside, at 6215 Oak.

You may remember late last year, the landlord for the previous Shopgirls location at 6245 Brookside Plaza (near Foos) declined to renew the lease.  (Another women’s clothing store, Lady Bye, is now in the old Shopgirls spot.)  During the busy holiday shopping season, Shopgirls had a temporary pop up store above Jalapeno’s.  

If you are looking for the  new Shopgirls spot, note that the signage above the awning visible to the street says HAMILTON.  However, inside you’ll find the same unique jewelry, accessories and fashionable women’s casual clothes that were in the old location…and of course, the same personable service!

Thanks for supporting locally owned businesses in Brookside and Waldo!

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