Waldo’s Euston Hardware is Remodeling

euston frontA longtime Kansas City local business, Euston Hardware store has been around since 1999. With four locations, including Prairie Village, Smithville, Red Bridge, and Waldo, owner Kevin Euston (son of founder Ken) has been providing the Kansas City area with hardware supplies for almost 20 years.  The Waldo store, at 126 W 75th St is currently undergoing a remodel…and still open for business while they are working on it. 

Euston says it’s important to “freshen up the inventory” after a while, as hardware changes and newer offerings become available.  The store recently updated  the exterior, and it has a stylish retro vibe now, thanks to the art deco style building that used to be an A&P market.  Inside, the store will feature taller and longer shelves, new lighting,  and over 5000 new items including more tools, a bigger fastener department, lawn items and cleaning supplies.  The check out area has moved as well, to the east side of the shop.  

I stop in the Waldo Euston store often–to get keys made or pick up my favorite hardwood floor cleaner and stain remover.  The staff is always friendly and asks “Can I help you find something?” when I walk in–very important as I certainly don’t know the location of over 5000 items!  Watch for a grand ‘reopening’ within the next few weeks after the project is complete.

Thank you for supporting locally owned Brookside/Waldo businesses!



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