Outdoor Produce Market Comes to Waldo

Waldo now has a convenient fresh produce stand….Everyday Produce Market at
76th and  Wornall. We are in peak season for fresh fruit and vegetables—and
this stand has just about everything you may be craving this time of
year…and more.
konradEveryday Produce Market relocated in June to this spot—you may
remember they were several blocks south in the parking lot of the Price
Chopper on 103rd between Wornall and State Line. Owner Konrad Pfeifauf
grew up in the neighborhood and  lives in Brookside. He’s been
working this stand every since he was a schoolkid—getting his start when the
former owner, Frank DeLuna, asked him to help out with odd jobs as
Konrad would ride his bike home from school right past the shop (the
original location was at 75th and Wornall.). After graduating from MU,
Konrad bought the stand from Frank (who still checks in daily!) and has
been running it the past 22 years.
tomatoesMost all of the produce Konrad sells comes from local farmers in Missouri
and Kansas: potatoes, melons, peaches, corn, berries….and the
tomatoes, which he says are “the best in town”. Konrad also stocks fresh,
local free range eggs, locally made honey and fresh salsa from Liberty Food Company. Local wholesalers provide lemon, limes, cherries and other items not grown nearby.
Konrad tells me customers are happy to see his familiar face at this new
location. Everyone is greeted with a big smile, a sample of fruit, and offer of service. Everyday Produce Market is open seven days a week from
8:30-6:30 through the fall—later on you’ll be able to buy pumpkins and
mums here along with the produce. Parking is convenient—right in front of
the stand. It’s best to drive in heading south on Wornall, and you’ll see the
tent on the west side just south of 75th.

Stop in the market in August and take advantage of their special deal: spend
$20 and get 10% off!

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