Littlest Bake Shop–Treats with Big Flavor

insideIt’s usually those cozy, quiet little food shops that supply the best atmosphere for a short caffeine stop, a shared treat with a friend or a corner to relax and read for a bit.  I’m thinking of places like Second Best Coffee, Heirloom,  or the Unbakery. And now Brookside and Waldo have another option:  The Littlest Bake Shop at 645 E 59th St–a vegan and gluten free bakery.


Owner Iris Green is an experienced baker–she’s published her own cookbooks on Amazon, and recently moved back to KC from Los Angeles with her toddler. She was doing pop ups to sell her cupcakes at this same space (it was Pirate’s Bone) and when that business  relocated to the Crossroads, Iris decided to move in.  She bakes everything on site, using local and seasonal ingredients.  Flavors change depending on what inspires Iris and what is fresh–she usually always has a vanilla and chocolate cupcake and cinnamon rolls, but for something different, she’s offered rose muffins with marzipan filling; blackberry peach cobbler, or whatever Iris can dream up with the seasonal produce she finds.  That’s the real treat–trying a flavor you weren’t expecting!


Besides  muffins, mini pies and cupcakes, Iris has several beverages for sale:  coffee drinks and  egg creams. She makes all her flavored syrups from scratch, too. Iris told me she thinks of her store as “vintage concept with with a contemporary flair”. Her shop is small yet inviting:  some tables and chairs, a counter with stools, and a shaded patio out the back door!

The shop has limited hours right now (Friday noon-7, Saturday and Sunday 10-3), but that’s part of the fun–drop in on a whim to see what she’s cooking up today!  Iris will also take special orders.  The Littlest Bake Shop is located at 645 E 59th St–just west of Chai Shai. 



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