Bibibop Asian Grill Now Open in Waldo

bibibop front

My office mates have been raving about this new restaurant in Waldo, located in the former Pizza Locale spot next door to Chipotle at 505 W 75th St.  It’s a fast casual spot, set up assembly line style and based on Korean foods and flavors, named Bibibop.


bibibop managerI stopped by this week to take a look –I haven’t eaten there yet and I’m not a food critic anyway!  I was impressed  the first thing I saw was four employees, including assistant general manager Patricia Allen,  conducting a food tasting for quality, taste and appearance before the lunch rush.  The other impressive aspect of this place is the amount of food you get for the price–the plate is piled high with all of the fresh ingredients you choose–easily a full pound of food that could feed two, or at least enough for leftovers!    The base of your food “bowl” can be rice, green salad or Japanese noodles.  Proteins include two types of chicken (one is spicy), steak, and tofu.  And there’s a maze of toppings:  hot choices are black beans, sprouts, and potatoes, plus ten cold toppings (veggies, etc).  There are six sauce options, which you can taste before you order at a station by the soft drinks–that’s so handy for those who aren’t sure which to try and for picky children!  All of this food, on one plate, for under $10!  Extra options include kimchi, fresh pineapple and miso soup.  There are a few seats if you want to dine in.

Bibibop was started by Korean native Charley Shin in Ohio, back in 2013.  There are now locations in seven states, all corporately owned.  Patricia tells me two new KC locations are coming: at Oak Park Mall and Corbin Park.  If you haven’t tried Bibibop yet, bring a can of food with you to get $2 off  your dish through December 14 (in conjunction with Harvesters).  Hours are 10:30am-9:30pm Monday through Saturday and Sunday 11am-9pm.

Welcome to Waldo, Bibibop!

bibibop food

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