Waldo Farmers Market-Smaller But Still Here!

Last week I was driving along Holmes and noticed a sign for the Waldo Farmers Market. I remember a few years back when the market was operated on 79th St just east of Wornall. Now it’s at 7850 Holmes..so I pulled in to take a look.

There were just a couple of vendors there but I wanted to write about it anyway. If you don’t want a crowded atmosphere, this is it! One table was set up with prepared home made pork dumplings and vegetarian Malaysian style noodles–an easy dinner to go! The other table was full of fresh garlic, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and a few other vegetables and plants. The vendor here was Fresh From The Field in Independence.

So if you aren’t sure what to make for dinner tonight night…stop by the Waldo Farmers Market for a ready to eat meal or…get inspired! I’m thinking of fat BLT sandwiches with the fresh tomatoes! The market opens at 3pm on Wednesdays.

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