Fun for Everyone–Create Something at Waldo’s Create Space KC!

Today I’m writing to tell you about a new business in Waldo that appeals to people of all ages; it’s a place everyone can enjoy and feel welcome; it’s a spot where you can spend the afternoon just having fun with an art project or learning a new skill…it is Create Space KC at 209 E Gregory, just a few steps east of McLain’s Bakery.

Create Space KC is the invention of Meghan Throckmorton, an art teacher at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.  Meghan says she “daydreamed about something like this for a long time.  I wanted a place the community could use; where people could come together and interact in person, putting away the screens for a while.  I also talked to many neighbors about they wanted to see in a place like this.”

So what exactly is Create Space KC? It’s a versatile, open space of 1500 sf, where Meghan and other local teachers host workshops in art, dance, yoga, gift-making and music.  Meghan stresses it’s not school, it’s recreation:  parents and kids can take a painting class together or drop in an ‘open studio’ to create their own projects.  There’s yoga for all ages (even “goodnight yoga”), plus ballroom dancing, juggling and ukulele classes. Meghan wants to add even more options. One of the unique things about Create Space KC  is that outside clubs can rent the space for get togethers and to teach classes; for example, there’s a photography club that gathers at the space and offers a class; same with ballroom dancing. Prices are very reasonable; averaging around $15 per session. Meghan encourages teachers and club leaders to contact her to discuss details of what they can offer for the monthly calendar of events. She’s actively looking for people who would like to come in and teach other special skills. 

Create Space KC also has winter break and snow day camps for area kids; parents can register for a morning or afternoon session or several sessions in the same week. Meghan also rents the space for private parties, holding up to 30 people or so.

Check out the Create Space KC website for more details or just drop in sometime as you are walking by! This is a very creative and useful addition to our neighborhood, especially during the colder winter months when you are longing to get out and do something different with the family. Thank you for supporting our locally owned businesses!

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