Unique Collectibles Store Opens in Waldo

Here’s yet another unique, friendly, locally owned business you should know about in Waldo:  PKTC Collectables at 218 W 74th St.  The name of the shop says it all:  owners Scott Saunders and Dione Woods sell collectibles of all kinds:  sports jerseys, comics, action figures, trading cards, posters, Funko Pops and a lot more! 

Scott and Dione have been friends for over 20 years.  Both are into collectibles: Scott had sports memorabilia and Dione collected comic books and action figures.  The pair was celebrating Scott’s birthday in Las Vegas and were talking about collectible shops—how they usually sold “only comics” or “only sports stuff”; they wondered, why not sell everything in the same place?  After scouting the metro area for a suitable location, a friend who owns this building offered them a spot.  PKTC Collectables opened April 5.

Scott Saunders and Dione Woods

“We love the neighborhood”, Scott says.  “We have awesome neighbors, everyone is so friendly and we got a big welcome from the Waldo Business Association.  Nearby business owners have come by to introduce themselves.”  Dione continued:  “We get a lot of foot traffic in this location—especially the kids walking home from school or just out and about.  We cater to the young collectors by offering lower priced cards for them, chatting with them—we even offer a free pack of cards to kids who bring in a report card with a 3.0 or higher grade point average”.  They also have special promotions for adults: for example, to celebrate Father’s Day, wear an ugly tie and stop by for a free doughnut.  Women are a big part of their customer base as well:  the signed Travis Kelsey jersey is the #1 seller for the ladies! 

The shop features action figures, cards, sports shirts, framed posters and Funko Pops.

Store merchandise comes from their own personal collections and what they can find on Facebook, at garage/collector sales and Ebay.  If there is a particular collectible you are looking for, they will try to find it for you.  This is a really fun store to browse in—Scott and Dione offer all kinds of interesting merchandise, at all price ranges.  They love to talk shop and know the collectible market very well.  They will accept consignments as well.  Stop in to say hi to the guys:  hours are 10am-7pm Tuesday through Friday and 11am-6pm Saturday and Sunday.  Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages too. Welcome to Waldo, PKTC Collectables!

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