Shellfish in Brookside? Have A Taste of the Ocean at Earl’s Premier

It’s soooooo hot……are you desperate for something new and refreshing to send a cool chill through your skin?  I’ve got a suggestion:  stop in Brookside’s newest restaurant, Earl’s Premier, and enjoy a tasty frozen gin and tonic at the bar.  They sell a lot of them these days, over 1800 glasses just last month!

Cory Dannehl and Todd Schulte

Come for the G&T, stay for the food!  Earl’s emphasis is on very fresh seafood: start with the oyster bar, stocked by a company that represents 30 small independent oyster farms. “We are very lucky to have this connection”, explained co-owners Todd Schulte and Cory Dannehl.  “They don’t supply to big chain restaurants.  Our oysters are delivered three times a week, usually within 36 hours of being pulled out of the ocean”.  Other popular menu items include a New Orleans-style Po’ Boy sandwich, mussels, shrimp cocktail, clam chowder, a blue crab guacamole, the Piri Piri spiced chicken plus nightly specials.

You probably heard Todd’s name associated with various restaurants in the KC area:  Joe D’s Wine Bar in Brookside, the Happy Soup Eater and Happy Gillis Café in Columbus Park. Most recently he worked with Christopher Elbow.  Cory supplied beer to Todd’s work spots  via Central States Beverage and the two became friends.  They both traveled to coastal areas and “liked that lifestyle.  We wanted to bring a small, independent seafood place to Kansas City.  And we wanted it to be a neighborhood place, where people can stop in, hang out, have some good seafood.”  Both live in Brookside and were familiar with the former Chai Shai space, knowing it would be just right for the type of place they wanted to open.

Let’s get back to the frozen G&T and what inspired that drink:  Cory and Todd were visiting Austin, and found a bar that was serving a frozen gin and tonic.  Somehow they procured the recipe and purchased the machines to make the drink for Earl’s.  It’s a very precise recipe and has to be mixed and chilled just right to keep the consistency of the drink.  Of course they use local J Rieger and Co gin!   Earl’s also has a few other signature cocktails and a large selection of beer, wine and hard liquors. 

Earl’s Premier, 651 E 59th St

Earl’s Premier takes reservations and because it’s a small restaurant, tables fill up quickly.  You can eat at the bar or on the patio if there is space—there are plans to install a roof and enclose the outdoor space next month for more seating.  Stop in and check out Earl’s Premier—located at 651 E 59th St.  They are open Tuesday through Saturday, and plan to start Sunday brunch sometime this month. The staff is friendly and welcoming—you’ll love the small neighborhood vibe of the place as well as the food!

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