Waldo Welcomes Indoor Skateboard Shop and Park

DIY..do it yourself!!  That’s the mantra of new Waldo business Goofball SK8boards, LLC at 300 W. 80th St. Welcome to the neighborhood!!

Joan and Harper Rose

Married couple Joan and Harper Rose love to skateboard. Harper started the sport first, and Joan picked it up during the early days of the COVID pandemic.  They even started a zine about it, and tried skating at local outdoor parks.  But they increasingly felt unwelcome, like they were “taking up too much space” as skate culture has traditionally been focused on straight white guys.  Determined not to give up or be intimidated,  Joan and Harper decided make some changes themselves.

Initially they planned to open a skateboard company to sell boards and supplies, but a friend operating a store advised against it due to too many ongoing supply issues.  However, their friend said opening a skate park  was a great idea—that was a real need. Joan and Harper switched gears and started looking for space for an indoor park, with the goal of “providing this community with a friendly and affirming place” for all ages. Harper says “Although there is a wave of inclusivity moving across the culture, everyone interested deserves a welcoming, friendly place” for the hobby.  Both live in Waldo and found this nearby building, which was formerly used by Neal Harris, the HVAC contractors.    The slick concrete floors are perfect for skating; they’ve installed ramps and steps and are patiently waiting for city approval from KCMO to officially open the skate area.  Boards, tee shirts, and supplies are available for purchase as well, and Harper will help with skateboard repair.  Additional plans include skate lessons for kids and adults, and a zine library. “We want to cut out the intimidation factor for beginners” says Harper.  They believe this could be  the first female and queer owned skate shop in Missouri!   A film crew from Columbia MO recently stopped by to include Goofball SK8boards in a documentary about female skaters in the state.

Goofball SK8boards is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11am-6pm.  There’s plenty of parking on the east side of the building at 300 W 80th St. More info available through their Instagram account or website. Welcome another small, locally owned business to Waldo!

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