Armour Hills Pool/2011 Garage Sale

Information on the Armour Hills pool and garage sale for 2011:

The neighborhood garage sale is Saturday May 21. Yard signs are $2 each, available May 20 at 4pm in Arbor Villa park. Remember to stop by the BBQ/Bake Sale to benefit Harvesters as you stroll the streets–it’s at 101 E 66 St.

The pool at Arbor Villa park (intersection of Main and Edgevale) opens June 12.  Hours are Tuesday-Friday, 1:00-6:00pm, Saturday-Sunday, 1:00-5:00pm, closed Mondays. Not sure of the last day for the pool, as the Armour Hills Homes Assn is negotiating to keep the pool open into August if the assn pays for the lifeguard.  If you’d like to reserve the pool for a special event, call Midwest Pool Management at 816 350 2628.

Thank you for supporting our Armour Hills activities!