Wornall Road Closing Disrupts Traffic Through Brookside

road closed two

(Updated: Although the KCMO press release stated the street closure would be as described below, the south end of the closure is actually Wornall at 63rd. Found this out while driving by–get your facts straight KCMO!)


In Brookside…today is the first day of the Wornall Road closure from 58th St south to Huntington, in conjunction with the sewer and storm water pipe installation.  You’ve probably noticed the huge digging equipment along the sides of the road lately.  Supposedly this section of Wornall will reopen on Tuesday Sept 23, 2014 if all work is completed.

Note the Plaza Art Fair is happening this weekend, so there will be hundreds of cars trying to access the Fair by travelling along Wornall Road–then trying to find alternate routes due to the street closure.  

Also on Sunday Sept 21, Wayside Waifs is hosting the annual Strutt with Your Mutt event in Brookside.  Parts of Brookside Boulevard and Oak St (north of 63rd) will be closed Sunday morning for the walk and race.

Neighbors, be prepared for these street closures and plan alternate routes for the next several days!