Armour Hills Home Sales Statistics

It’s been a while since I posted home sales stats for Armour Hills in Brookside…so here we go:

As of today, there are 36 homes for sale, ranging in price from $134,900 to $469,950. Averages days on market for these homes is 81; average listing price is $234,800. 

Since May, 18 homes have sold in Armour Hills; the average price was $224,800.  Looking at these stats, final sales price for an Armour Hills listing is about $10K below asking..and this doesn’t include any seller paid closing costs or repairs.

As we get into the dog days of August and back to school hoopla, showings have slowed down.  There seem to be very few serious buyers out there right now.  There are buyers who  want to ‘look around and see what’s out there’, and there are the usual buyers who want to see everything available, expecting  to find the perfect house for a bargain price.

 Right now is such a great time to buy because of the low interest rates–with a good credit score and down payment, I’ve seen rates quoted at below 4.5%!

One day the housing market will start looking better…and the key to the jumpstart is JOBS.

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