Armour Hills Home Sales Report-2021

Hi Neighbors! Our subdivision had a healthy increase in home values last year, with most properties going under contract within a couple of days. Prices will not be going down in 2022–that’s a pretty safe prediction! Here are the numbers:

Median list price365000345000339450315000314500
Median sales price380000344000340000315000312500
Days on market372197
No. homes sold7099828093

The increase in value from 2020 to 2021 was 10.4%, and the increase from 2017 to 2021 was 21.6%. I find it interesting that fewer homes sold; homeowners are staying put in our beautiful neighborhood! The highest sales price last year was a whopping $703,000, and the lowest was $212,000. Note most buyers are paying over list price.

The busy buying and selling season is just a few weeks away–if you plan to be a buyer / seller, now is the time to plan and plot strategy!

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

Home for Sale in Armour Hills

21 W 66th St in Armour Hills

I just listed this home in Armour Hills and…it’s a real bargain!  Located at 21 W 66 St, this is a wonderful block of tight-knit neighbors that host a couple of block parties each year and look out for one another.  Many of them have lived on the street for decades.

This is one of the smaller homes on the block, it’s a two-story home about 1500 square feet.  The current owner has made many improvements:  a new concrete porch and walkway, new windows, updates in the bathrooms, freshly painted interior and updated electrical work.

Dining room with original

The first floor features a large living room with fireplace; dining room with the original built-in cabinets, and a kitchen with half bath.  Upstairs there are three bedrooms (one is non-conforming); a full and a half bath, and several closets.  There are hardwood floors on both levels; a private driveway, and a stone foundation.


One of the best features of this house is the location:  just steps away from Arbor Villa Park (a tennis court, playground and kiddie pool), the Brookside shops and grocery, and the Trolley Track Trail.

Priced at $164,900…this home is sure to sell fast!  Contact me for more information.

This Feels Strange

Of course I’m talking about this weather!  As I look out the front window while I type, I see bare trees but blue skies and kids in tee shirts!

Dinner with neighbors Feb 1 2011 snowstormLast year at this time, I distinctly remember posting photos of various snowy sites around Brookside.  This winter, not even an inch of snow yet–not in this part of town anyway.  Now there are many people very happy about this warmer weather–myself included, to a point.  It’s been great for showing buyers homes in the area–no cutting cold winds or crunching down snow to make it to the front door of the house.  Don’t have to have the heat cranked up to keep the house warm.  We’ve been grilling on the  patio just about every weekend!  But in another way..I miss the normal winter weather…

January 2011 in Brookside

It’s fun for the kids to have that unexpected snow day…seeing them watch the crawl on TV, anxiously looking for their school name to pop up on the screen.  I love looking out the windows at night, seeing a ‘freshly fallen silent shroud of snow’ (thank you Simon and Garfunkel, for that lovely phrase).  Last year when we were snowed in, we had a pot luck dinner with our neighbors–no one was driving anywhere, everyone was home early from work and we threw together a tasty feast for our two families. Bundling up to go out and shovel snow–good exercise!  Watching the Brookside youngsters sled down Suicide Hill is a joy.  I like throwing on the flannel pj’s  and  burrowing under the down comforter to watch a movie while sipping hot chocolate, enjoying  the blissful cocoon of security inside while Mother Nature storms outside. Will any of that happen before spring 2012 hits?

Experiencing the very distinct change of seasons is one reason I couldn’t move out of the midwest. It would be boring to me, always having the same weather year round. So while I am grateful for this warm spell, I am hoping for a real midwest snowstorm soon, before the lilacs start blooming outside my kitchen window!

(Thanks to my daughter Siena for inspiring this post!)

Brookside Home Sales Stats December 2011

I say…good riddance to another poor housing sales year and let’s look ahead to a much better 2012!

Looking at single family home sales stats for zip code 64113 in Brookside, December 2011:

14 homes sold.  Average list price:  $245,904.  Average sales price:  $231,032.  Average days on market:  111.

Compare those figures to December 2010:

22 homes sold.  Average list price:  $335,930.  Average sales price:  $307,853.  Average days on market:  106.

Why the much higher average sales price in 2010?  Part of the reason is a $1.5 million dollar home sold in 2010.  In 2011, the highest price home sold was $515,000.  The drop in the number of units sold in 2011 can be attributed to the $8000 tax credit for buyers that was in effect for 2010…this tax credit encouraged buyers to make purchases that year.   Days on market were virtually the same.

In the next blog entry I will compare Armour Hills sales stats for December 2010 to 2011, plus will do a year end comparison before the end of the month. Thank you for reading my blog!

(Note:  all stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed)


Armour Hills Homes Association–Sept Board Meeting Recap

Our monthly Armour Hills board meeting was on Tuesday night…here’s a brief recap of what was discussed:

*The Ice Cream Social was a big success!  Even though it was delayed one day because of rain, we had a great turn out on Sunday. Next year we may look into getting bids from caterers–it’s a lot of work for one person to organize.

*We have several businesses interested in advertising in The Clarion.  The next issue will be out in October with the first ads.

*Mistie brought a sample of our Welcome bag for new neighbors.  Area businesses have been very generous with coupons, gift cards, freebies and other items for the bag.  These should start being delivered to new residents sometime this fall.

*We looked at new landscaping plans for the island at W 65 Terrace and Linden, nothing has been chosen just yet.

*Despite lots of calls, we can’t find anyone who will suck up leaves if they are left in the curbs (without bagging them).  We are investigating paying for an extra leaf and brush pick up for all residents.

*Two KCMO police officers reported that there are a couple of homeless people hanging around Armour Hills.  They advise DO NOT hire anyone who is looking for work, saying something along the lines of ‘I’ll get rid of your trash for $5’.  Be sure to keep all cars locked and don’t have any valuables visible in the vehicle.  Police officers are still being called regularly to Southwest High School as the new school year begins.

*Gunnar reported on the new striping for several crosswalks and the speed bumps on Main.  We are trying to get the metal plates removed that are located at 68th and Main.  The work has not been completed, the water department will not return calls or answer questions about this project.

Note that this is not everything that was discussed–I took notes on most of the items. Our next meeting is October 18 at 7pm, Country Club Congregational Church.  All residents are welcome!

Armour Hills Homes Association–July 2011 Monthly Meeting

Hello neighbors and friends, today’s blog is a brief recap of some of the items discussed at the July 19 board meeting of the Armour Hills Homes Association:

*Advertising rates have been established for ads in the Clarion and should begin in the fall issue.

*The memorial bench for Pete Egan should be installed in August.  It will be placed on the east side of the tennis courts between two trees.

*Gunnar is submitting letters to the City requesting PIAC funding for our area.  If approved, funds would apply towards tennis court improvements and tree trimming.  We will know in February 2012 if our request was approved.

*The Ice Cream Social date is September 9 from 4:30-7:30 in Arbor Villa Park.

*Working with ATA, we are working on getting the speed bumps along Main St repainted.

All residents are welcome at our meetings.  We do not meet in August–our next scheduled meeting is September 20, 7pm at Country Club Congregational Church.  See you at the Ice Cream Social!

Highlights from Armour Hills Homes Assn Meeting June 21, 2011

Fellow Armour Hills residents, here’s a brief recap of some of the issues discussed at the Armour Hills Homes Assn board meeting earlier this week:

*KCATA has planned a beautification project for the park and ride lot on the south side of Gregory just east of Wornall.  An additional “WALDO” monument sign will be erected at the site.  KCATA would like to improve the appearance of the seldom used park and ride lot on the north end of Gregory–estimated cost is $50,000-$60,000.  No plans or funds in place right now for this area.

*Gunnar Hand, board member, will be applying for PIAC (Public Community Advisory Committee) grants on behalf of Armour Hills.  If awarded, we would like to use the grant money for  Arbor Villa park improvements and tree maintenance. Applications are due in August, and the grants are awarded in February.

*The board approved funds for another black iron bench to be installed in Arbor Villa Park.  This bench will be the memorial to long time park supporter Pete Egan, who died earlier this year.  There will be a memorial plaque on the bench.  We hope to have it installed by September for the ice cream social.

*Plans are underway for the annual Freedom Parade July 4.  Festivities start at 9am; the parade begins at 10am near Gregory and 70th Terrace. Prizes will be awarded in several categories–see the recent edition of the Clarion for more info.

The next board meeting is July 19, 7pm –all residents are welcome!

Armour Hills Board Meeting Recap-Feb 2011

Here’s a brief recap of what was discussed at the Armour Hills Homes Association board meeting, February 15, 2011:

*Residents were pleased with the private company who provided snow removal during this year’s snowstorms. Our policy is to order the private service when snowfall reaches 4″ or higher.  Due to the two  heavy snowfalls, we are out of money for snow removal at this time.  I believe we pay  $4000 per snow removal.

*We are trying to organize a meeting at Southwest High School with other homes associations and a representative of the KCMO School District to discuss possible solutions to the continued vandalism and truancy at the school.

*There is a need to keep our website current; Sadie will now oversee the Armour Hills Facebook page.

*Several residents are past due on payments for annual homeowners fees.  Dan will research what other homes associations in the area do to collect past due payments.

*The proposed reopening of the Hale Cook neighborhood school at 73rd and Pennsylvania has about 15% of the needed 300 students enrolled to open in Fall 2011.  The deadline to enroll is March 31.

*A resident is working to stop AT&T from installing more  unsightly concrete pads with control station boxes adjacent to his property at 65th Terrace and Main (similar to the ones located on the west side of Main at 68th St). Although these boxes are in the public right of way and on utility easements, they impede the line of sight for traffic and pedestrians–it is a life safety issue.  The resident is trying to get a ‘code opinion’ from the City attorney’s office. This issue will be brought up to Jan Marcusson, our district representative on the City Council. 

*GEO Bond money is available for the 4th district and board member Gunnar Hand has put repainted crosswalks near the Trolley Track Trail  on the list of funded projects. This will cover an area between 65th St and Gregory on Brookside Road.  Thanks, Gunnar!

*The board discussed writing a letter expressing an opinion regarding the controversy surrounding the new Posinelli building on the Plaza.  This letter would be posted on the website and submitted to various city officials involved with the decision to allow the new building.

*Allen Dillingham attending the meeting, he is running for the 2cd district at-large seat on the City Council.  His platform emphasizes jobs, neighborhoods with community policing and an image makeover at City Hall.

All Armour Hills residents are invited to attend the monthly board meetings.  The next one is March 15 at 7pm.

Thanks for reading my blog–you can reach me at

Armour Hills Home Sales Statistics

It’s been a while since I posted home sales stats for Armour Hills in Brookside…so here we go:

As of today, there are 36 homes for sale, ranging in price from $134,900 to $469,950. Averages days on market for these homes is 81; average listing price is $234,800. 

Since May, 18 homes have sold in Armour Hills; the average price was $224,800.  Looking at these stats, final sales price for an Armour Hills listing is about $10K below asking..and this doesn’t include any seller paid closing costs or repairs.

As we get into the dog days of August and back to school hoopla, showings have slowed down.  There seem to be very few serious buyers out there right now.  There are buyers who  want to ‘look around and see what’s out there’, and there are the usual buyers who want to see everything available, expecting  to find the perfect house for a bargain price.

 Right now is such a great time to buy because of the low interest rates–with a good credit score and down payment, I’ve seen rates quoted at below 4.5%!

One day the housing market will start looking better…and the key to the jumpstart is JOBS.