Habitat ReStore Comes to Waldo

Everyone loves a bargain…especially Brookside/Waldo folks.  It’s always a pleasure to walk into area homes that have trashed furniture they have turned into chic decor.  That’s one reason why Habitat ReStore will be very successful with their new Waldo store at 303 W 79St, opening mid November.

The 24,000 square foot facillity will carry gently used furniture, building supplies, fixtures, hardware and appliances.  Although the store isn’t open yet, it is accepting donations of furniture.  Private individuals, contractors and building suppliers are encouraged  to donate unused and unwanted materials to the store. It will be open six days a week (Monday through Saturday) and have a volunteer staff.

Four years ago when I remodeled my kitchen, I had Habitat Restore come out and do the kitchen demo.  They took the old unwanted everything:  sink, oven, fridge, countertop, cabinets–and the work was done in a professional, friendly manner. I paid a fee as a donation and then took the donation off on my income taxes. This year Habitat ReStore is charging me $500 to demo my bathroom (a contractor quoted me $900) and again, I’ll get a tax donation from their work.  It’s a win – win situation for each party.  Habitat ReStore gets materials, I get the tax benefits.  And they do a great job.

Remember Habitat ReStore when it’s time to remodel your home or business–they are doing a great community service that benefits everyone. 

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