Group Bike Riding in Brookside

A friend’s post on Facebook inspired this blog post (thank you Tyler!)…he wanted to know about bicycle groups in the Brookside/Waldo area. Despite the fact that I’m writing this post with SNOW on the ground at the end of March…it will get warm/stay warm soon.  If  you are thinking of joining a bike group in Brookside, here’s what I’ve found:

Family Bicycles at 7410 Wornall hosts two bike rides every week.  On Monday nights, the group  leaves at 6:30 from the store parking lot.  This is a slow paced, family ride, lasting about an hour.  For a faster pace, join the ABC training ride–it leaves at the same time, goes at a faster pace, and covers about 14 miles.  Both rides start April 4.

The Spin pizza restaurant  at 4950 Main St  also sponsers rides on Wednesday nights at 6:30.  They have two rides, a 13 and 30 mile ride.  Meet at the restaurant–these rides will start up again in mid May.

I also found some information on the Kansas City Bike Club website.  Every Monday at 9am, meet at the Roasterie in Brookside for a ride to Dean and Deluca and back–about 30 miles.  On Thursday evenings, another group leaves from Charlie Hoopers for a 17-20 mile ride.

Thanks for reading my blog–pass the word through Facebook / Twitter if you’ve found this information useful.  Reach me at

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