Armour Hills Board Meeting Recap May 2011

The board of the Armour Hills homes association met last night–here’s a brief recap of what was discussed:

We chose a replacement urn for the round island at W Dartmouth and 70th St.  The board approved purchase and installation costs for the new urn. We also approved funds to landscape the newer island at 70th Terrace and Brookside Road.  The blue spruce tree planted there will be removed and relocated to Arbor Villa Park.  Work on these two projects will begin within the next month.

We are still researching a memorial piece in honor of Pete Egan.  Under consideration are a bench or picnic table for Arbor Villa Park.

We will soon accept advertising in our Clarion newsletter.  Editor Sadie is working on pricing.

Mistie is working on a Welcome packet for new residents. We discussed what sort of information should be included.

The fountains on Rockhill and Edgevale are not working.  Although the pumps were replaced a few years ago with recirculating water pumps, these can’t handle the debris that get clogged in the pipes.  We are authorizing a plumber to review the pipes for repair. 

The board is considering hiring Fun Flicks for an outdoor movie night in the park one evening this summer.  Total cost would be around $1000.  The cost might be offset if we sell ads to show prior to the movie.

The pool at Arbor Villa Park will open June 12; hours are 1-6 Tuesday-Friday, and 1-5 Saturday and Sunday.  The quote we received to keep the pool open an extra week into mid August was $1000.  We felt that was a pretty high expense so will try to negotiate that cost.

Residents are welcome at our monthly board meetings!  Join us at the Country Club Congregational Church for our next meeting, on June 21 at 7pm.

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