Armour Hills Homes Assn Meeting Sept 2012 Recap

Here’s a brief recap of the Armour Hills homes association meeting last night.  You can always check out our Facebook page and website for the more updates!

*The tree trimming project (for younger trees in easements) will begin in late fall when all leaves are fallen.  Our vendor will start with trees on the north side of our boundary and work south.  After this project is done, we’ll work with the city on a plan to trim the older, taller trees in the neighborhood.  PIAC funds have been approved for this project!

*Residents should watch for a survey that will come out in the next Clarion (due in October) and be sent to our email list.  The board really wants your feedback on a few issues as we plan for future projects in Armour Hills.

*The Ice Cream Social was a big success, and the board will consider having this event on Sunday (instead of Friday) from now on.

*New landscaping has been approved for parts of the Trolly Track Trail that runs through Armour Hills.  Tiffany Moore is working with the ATA on this project.

*Remember our Annual Meeting is November 15–more details about the agenda will be published in next month’s Clarion.

This is just a brief recap of some of the issues we discussed.  All residents are welcome to our meetings–the next one is October 16, 7pm at Country Club Congregational Church.

Where are the Mutt Mitts in Arbor Villa Park?

Heavy sigh as I begin this post…it’s about the ‘mutt mitts’ (plastic bags for doggie waste) provided by the Armour Hills Homes Assn in Arbor Villa Park. At our board meeting last week, a resident stopped by wondering when the supply would be replenished.  Board member Tiffany Moore did some investigation as to why the box is frequently empty.

A resident who lives near the park orders the mitts and stocks  the dispenser.   Armour Hills has been spending about $4500 per year on these plastic baggies. A shipment of 6400 mitts lasts…just 6 to 8 weeks.   Yes, we have lots of dog lovers in Armour Hills, and I’m sure residents of other neighborhoods use our mitts when walking their pets.  But I doubt that every person walking by is taking just one mitt…it’s obvious some folks are taking hundreds of  mitts for their personal ‘stash’.

What to do?  This is an issue the board will have  to discuss.  We want to provide this service  for our residents, and the occasional non-Armour Hills homeowner is welcome to take one if necessary.  But it’s hard to justify a $4500 annual expense when it’s obvious some people are just helping themselves to as many mitts as they can take with them. There are approximately 1200 homes in our subdivision–if every single homeowner had a dog that was walked twice each day, there’s no way 6400 mitts could be used in eight weeks’ time!

I don’t have a dog.  But if I did, I would appreciate having the convenience of a mutt mitt dispenser in the park when needed.  I hope  this service does not have to be discontinued because of a few selfish people who are stealing the supply.  However, Armour Hills residents should not subsidize the cost of doggie waste bags for those who feel entitled to abuse the service.

Armour Hills Homes Assn Board Meeting June 2012

Hi neighbors!

Here’s a brief recap from the Armour Hills homes association board meeting on June 19, 2012:

*Mark your calendar for July 18, we are hosting a special security meeting for residents at the Country Club Congregational Church at 6pm.

*We will also host the annual Armour Hills Freedom Parade on the Trolley Track Trail July 4.  Gather at the south end of the trail near Gregory at 9:30, parade begins at 10am.  Prizes and refreshments included!

*Troy Schulte, Kansas City MO City Manager, will be our featured speaker at the Annual Meeting in November.

*Our tree planting project will begin in the Fall.

*We are applying for new PIAC funds to make improvements in Arbor Villa park.

*Melissa Saubers is working on improved communication via social media for our residents.  She is working on a Facebook page, the Clarion and our website.

*Remember the annual Ice Cream Social is September 7.

Our next meeting is July 17, 7pm, at the Church.  All residents welcome!

Brookside Events this Week

It can be a challenge to keep up with all the Brookside events I want to attend!  This week there are two especially important meetings, so I’m blogging about the details below:

Tuesday (March 20) is the monthly board meeting of the Armour Hills Homes Association.  We’ve been discussing raising the annual dues to pay for private security a few hours a day as a response to the increase in crime.  This topic will again be discussed in more detail.  All residents of Armour Hills are welcome.  The meeting is at 7pm at the Country Club Congregational  Church, 205 W 65th St.

Also Tuesday night is the first of two meetings regarding proposals related to ‘repurposing’ nearby closed Kansas City MO schools. Prospective buyers for the Bryant School (319 Westover),  will present their ideas at 6pm at the Country Club United Methodist Church, 400 W 57th St. Proposals for the Bingham School (7618 Wyandotte) will be presented at 9am Saturday March 24 at the Broadway United Methodist Church, 406 W 74th.

I’ll report back via blogs later in the week with a summary of both meetings…wish I could clone myself for the night so I could be both places at once!



Armour Hills Board Meeting February 2012

Last night was the monthly meeting of the Armour Hills Homes Association.  As a board member, I usually blog a brief recap of what was discussed.  These are not the official minutes but information from my notes:

*Approximately 15 residents attended to talk about crime prevention in Armour Hills.  This group presented several suggestions for residents and the board to fight crime in the area.  They are talking with Euston Hardware and local security companies about offering special discounts  AH residents–these details may be published in a future Clarion or presented in a separate meeting to homeowners in the near future.  Their main request is an increase in annual dues (could be as much as $60 additional per year) to pay for off duty KCMO police officers to patrol our neighborhood.

*Improved communication with residents is a big goal of the Board this year.  Tiffany is currently writing an RFP to  streamline and outsource our communications to a separate company/individual.

*We are talking with ATA regarding regular upkeep and maintenence of the overpass of the Trolley Track Trail.  Landscaping needs to be done — with a potential hefty price tag.  It is possible that AH will take over the  maintenence of this specific part of the trail once a landscaping design is agreed upon.

*We are discussing a possible Earth Day event for residents.  Dumpsters would be available for refuse.

*Resident Mel Solomon presented a proposal regarding pruning 200-250 trees in Armour Hills.  He would do the work himself.  The board will consider his proposal.  At this time, no funds are set aside for tree pruning.

All residents are welcome to attend our board meetings.  The next one is March 20 at 7pm at the Country Club Christian Church. Thanks for reading my blog!


Armour Hills 2011 Annual Homes Association Meeting-Recap

Last night was the annual Armour Hills Homes Association meeting.  Approximately fifty people attended.  Special thanks to The Roasterie and McClain’s Bakery for providing us refreshments!  Here is a brief recap of what was presented and discussed:

Since the current board took over in January, we have improved the finances of the homes assocation, put a snow removal plan in place, reduced costs with our annual maintenence contracts and now have advertising in the Clarion   newsletter.  We have applied for four PIAC grants and should know early next year if we will be awarded any money.

Two board members were re-elected to their current positions:  Gunnar Hand as City Liason and myself as Codes Enforcement officer.

Councilpersons Jan Marcuson, John Glover and John Sharp attended the meeting, and they all spoke about the new redistricting plan. Marcuson and Glover seem fine with the plan–which is that our  homes association will no longer be in their district (the fourth district) but will move to the 6th district (represented by John Sharp).  Mr Sharp is totally against the proposed map outlinging the new districts.  Many Armour Hills  homeowners (and other homes associations south of 59th St) are against this new plan as well.  We feel it would cut Brookside in half as a cohesive neighborhood.  There could be financial implications as well, because of redistributed tax dollars and PIAC money.  There will be a public hearing on the redistricting plan November 30, 6pm at City Hall.  The general feeling is there is quite a bit of back door political manuvering going on with this proposed plan.

Our plans for 2012 include establishing an active Block Watch on each street with an active Block Captain.  We also hope to improve communication with our residents next year through an updated website, adding a Facebook page and updated email blast lists.

Thanks to all AH residents and City Council persons who attended last night.

Armour Hills Homes Association–Sept Board Meeting Recap

Our monthly Armour Hills board meeting was on Tuesday night…here’s a brief recap of what was discussed:

*The Ice Cream Social was a big success!  Even though it was delayed one day because of rain, we had a great turn out on Sunday. Next year we may look into getting bids from caterers–it’s a lot of work for one person to organize.

*We have several businesses interested in advertising in The Clarion.  The next issue will be out in October with the first ads.

*Mistie brought a sample of our Welcome bag for new neighbors.  Area businesses have been very generous with coupons, gift cards, freebies and other items for the bag.  These should start being delivered to new residents sometime this fall.

*We looked at new landscaping plans for the island at W 65 Terrace and Linden, nothing has been chosen just yet.

*Despite lots of calls, we can’t find anyone who will suck up leaves if they are left in the curbs (without bagging them).  We are investigating paying for an extra leaf and brush pick up for all residents.

*Two KCMO police officers reported that there are a couple of homeless people hanging around Armour Hills.  They advise DO NOT hire anyone who is looking for work, saying something along the lines of ‘I’ll get rid of your trash for $5’.  Be sure to keep all cars locked and don’t have any valuables visible in the vehicle.  Police officers are still being called regularly to Southwest High School as the new school year begins.

*Gunnar reported on the new striping for several crosswalks and the speed bumps on Main.  We are trying to get the metal plates removed that are located at 68th and Main.  The work has not been completed, the water department will not return calls or answer questions about this project.

Note that this is not everything that was discussed–I took notes on most of the items. Our next meeting is October 18 at 7pm, Country Club Congregational Church.  All residents are welcome!

Armour Hills Homes Association–July 2011 Monthly Meeting

Hello neighbors and friends, today’s blog is a brief recap of some of the items discussed at the July 19 board meeting of the Armour Hills Homes Association:

*Advertising rates have been established for ads in the Clarion and should begin in the fall issue.

*The memorial bench for Pete Egan should be installed in August.  It will be placed on the east side of the tennis courts between two trees.

*Gunnar is submitting letters to the City requesting PIAC funding for our area.  If approved, funds would apply towards tennis court improvements and tree trimming.  We will know in February 2012 if our request was approved.

*The Ice Cream Social date is September 9 from 4:30-7:30 in Arbor Villa Park.

*Working with ATA, we are working on getting the speed bumps along Main St repainted.

All residents are welcome at our meetings.  We do not meet in August–our next scheduled meeting is September 20, 7pm at Country Club Congregational Church.  See you at the Ice Cream Social!

Highlights from Armour Hills Homes Assn Meeting June 21, 2011

Fellow Armour Hills residents, here’s a brief recap of some of the issues discussed at the Armour Hills Homes Assn board meeting earlier this week:

*KCATA has planned a beautification project for the park and ride lot on the south side of Gregory just east of Wornall.  An additional “WALDO” monument sign will be erected at the site.  KCATA would like to improve the appearance of the seldom used park and ride lot on the north end of Gregory–estimated cost is $50,000-$60,000.  No plans or funds in place right now for this area.

*Gunnar Hand, board member, will be applying for PIAC (Public Community Advisory Committee) grants on behalf of Armour Hills.  If awarded, we would like to use the grant money for  Arbor Villa park improvements and tree maintenance. Applications are due in August, and the grants are awarded in February.

*The board approved funds for another black iron bench to be installed in Arbor Villa Park.  This bench will be the memorial to long time park supporter Pete Egan, who died earlier this year.  There will be a memorial plaque on the bench.  We hope to have it installed by September for the ice cream social.

*Plans are underway for the annual Freedom Parade July 4.  Festivities start at 9am; the parade begins at 10am near Gregory and 70th Terrace. Prizes will be awarded in several categories–see the recent edition of the Clarion for more info.

The next board meeting is July 19, 7pm –all residents are welcome!

Armour Hills Board Meeting Recap May 2011

The board of the Armour Hills homes association met last night–here’s a brief recap of what was discussed:

We chose a replacement urn for the round island at W Dartmouth and 70th St.  The board approved purchase and installation costs for the new urn. We also approved funds to landscape the newer island at 70th Terrace and Brookside Road.  The blue spruce tree planted there will be removed and relocated to Arbor Villa Park.  Work on these two projects will begin within the next month.

We are still researching a memorial piece in honor of Pete Egan.  Under consideration are a bench or picnic table for Arbor Villa Park.

We will soon accept advertising in our Clarion newsletter.  Editor Sadie is working on pricing.

Mistie is working on a Welcome packet for new residents. We discussed what sort of information should be included.

The fountains on Rockhill and Edgevale are not working.  Although the pumps were replaced a few years ago with recirculating water pumps, these can’t handle the debris that get clogged in the pipes.  We are authorizing a plumber to review the pipes for repair. 

The board is considering hiring Fun Flicks for an outdoor movie night in the park one evening this summer.  Total cost would be around $1000.  The cost might be offset if we sell ads to show prior to the movie.

The pool at Arbor Villa Park will open June 12; hours are 1-6 Tuesday-Friday, and 1-5 Saturday and Sunday.  The quote we received to keep the pool open an extra week into mid August was $1000.  We felt that was a pretty high expense so will try to negotiate that cost.

Residents are welcome at our monthly board meetings!  Join us at the Country Club Congregational Church for our next meeting, on June 21 at 7pm.