Who Trims the Trees Near Power Lines in Kansas City?

This is a common question for the older housing areas in Kansas City..who’s responsible for trimming the trees near power lines?  A recent newsletter from the Homes Association of Kansas City clarified this question.  Read on for a summary:

The National Electric Safety Code requires that local utility companies trim or remove trees that may disrupt service. The
question of who’s responsible for exactly what trees is the nagging question. 
Kansas City Power and Light is responsible for trimming the pole to pole lines. As a homeowner, if you see a dangling limb that could endanger the line, call KCP&L to report it.  Someone will come out to take a look and assess the  situation.  

The homeowner is responsible for maintaining the pole to meter line–that’s the one that delivers electricity from the pole to your home. If there are limbs, vine growth and other vegetation on this line, contact a reputable tree trimmer to coordinate with KCP&L
to get it cleared up–the cost is borne by the homeowner. 

There is another scenerio to be aware of:  What if there is a tree that needs to be removed  near a pole to pole power line? I see this all the time in backyards–large trees, heavy with limbs  that could be dead or dying, with branches and growth near or on the pole.  In that case, contact the KCPL Vegetation Management Center and a representative will inspect the line (free of charge) and determine if KCP&L needs to trim the tree before it’s removed.

One final tip:  when you contact KCP&L, whether it’s online or via phone, keep a log of the date/time you contacted them, who you spoke with, who answered you and when you can expect a response.  It’s common to be shuffled around a few times and have your
request go down the black hole.  By keeping good notes, you can stay on top of who is responsible for getting back to  you.

The Kansas City Power and Light website for reference:  www.kcpl.com.  Click on the Customer Service tab, then scroll down to “Tree Trimming”.

Thank you for reading this blog..your comments are welcome. 

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