Brookside Business Assn Meeting Aug 5

I attended my first Brookside Business Association meeting this morning at JULIAN.  These folks know how to run a meeting:  the agenda was followed, business was discussed and we were finished in one hour!  Here are a few things I learned at the meeting to share with you:

*There is a petition going around to business owners along 63rd St to change the parking from a two hour limit Monday-Friday to a two hour limit seven days a week.  This would prevent outside food vendors from parking for an unlimited amount of time, which takes  away from local Brookside eateries.

*New construction work will begin on the Commerce Bank location in September. 

*The new principal of Southwest was at the meeting, Ed Richardson (not sure if that is correct, could not hear the pronounciation).  (And I tried to find his name and info on the KCMO school district website–no luck). I plan to interview him for a future blog post. He is from Yuma, AZ.

A short post today but informative! Thanks for reading.

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