Annual Armour Hills Board Meeting/Recent Burglaries

Fellow Armour Hills residents–the Kansas City MO Police Department has confirmed there were six burglaries last Saturday night into early Sunday morning on 69th St, 69th Terrace and Rockhill Road. Only one home was occupied at the time.  The same person is believed to have committed all the break-ins.  The description is a young black male, about 120 lbs, acting alone and on foot.  Please be vigilant keeping your doors and windows locked, lights on, and look around while getting in and out of your vehicle and/or home.  Report anything you see that looks suspicious!

Also mark your calendar for the 2011 Annual Meeting next week:  Thursday November 17 at 7pm at the Country Club Congregational Church, 205 W 65th St.  We will conduct the election of board members, discuss the budget, goals for next year and recap our accomplishments for 2011.  We hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Annual Armour Hills Board Meeting/Recent Burglaries

  1. Our neighbor at 65th and Walnut also had his trailer with all of his tools stolen from in front of his house that same Saturday night.

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