Armour Hills 2011 Annual Homes Association Meeting-Recap

Last night was the annual Armour Hills Homes Association meeting.  Approximately fifty people attended.  Special thanks to The Roasterie and McClain’s Bakery for providing us refreshments!  Here is a brief recap of what was presented and discussed:

Since the current board took over in January, we have improved the finances of the homes assocation, put a snow removal plan in place, reduced costs with our annual maintenence contracts and now have advertising in the Clarion   newsletter.  We have applied for four PIAC grants and should know early next year if we will be awarded any money.

Two board members were re-elected to their current positions:  Gunnar Hand as City Liason and myself as Codes Enforcement officer.

Councilpersons Jan Marcuson, John Glover and John Sharp attended the meeting, and they all spoke about the new redistricting plan. Marcuson and Glover seem fine with the plan–which is that our  homes association will no longer be in their district (the fourth district) but will move to the 6th district (represented by John Sharp).  Mr Sharp is totally against the proposed map outlinging the new districts.  Many Armour Hills  homeowners (and other homes associations south of 59th St) are against this new plan as well.  We feel it would cut Brookside in half as a cohesive neighborhood.  There could be financial implications as well, because of redistributed tax dollars and PIAC money.  There will be a public hearing on the redistricting plan November 30, 6pm at City Hall.  The general feeling is there is quite a bit of back door political manuvering going on with this proposed plan.

Our plans for 2012 include establishing an active Block Watch on each street with an active Block Captain.  We also hope to improve communication with our residents next year through an updated website, adding a Facebook page and updated email blast lists.

Thanks to all AH residents and City Council persons who attended last night.

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