How To Start Growing Your Business with Social Media

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now.  At first I thought, why should I blog? Because everyone else is doing it?  I  struggle with content and copy, trying to make it sound informative and friendly.  But because I run my own business, it was something I wanted to try to see if it would bring me more customers.  And it has. So with this blog I am going to credit my friend and social media consultant Mic Johnson at Blue Gurus for the inspiration to use social media to grow my business.

Mic Johnson of Blue Gurus

Mic Johnson, Social Media Coach at Blue Gurus

If you are already using social media to market your business, this blog is not for you.  For those of you who are not using it…you know you should be.  How to get started?  Why get started?  That’s what this blog is about.

I’m addressing the boomer generation and older here…those who just don’t see why they should spend time on various social media platforms.  Their business has succeeded without using these tools, why start now? They see social media as a chore, a time waster that may or may not bring measurable results. But using these tools is now a fundamental and permanent change in the way that companies do business.  Do you want people to know what is happening with your business…or don’t you?

If you know you need help getting on the social media rocket, Mic Johnson at Blue Gurus can help you. Plan  a consultation with them.   Blue Gurus is a young company, dedicated to helping small businesses implement a cohesive and comprehensive social media strategy that emphasizes a consistent message.  Yes, this is an obvious plug for Blue Gurus.  But they are different:  because of the way they work with their customers.  They don’t just sit down with the boss, take a few notes and come back later with everything up and running.  They take the time to show you how to work social media, step by step.  Talking with you and your employees, you learn how to create a LinkedIn profile, how to manipulate your WordPress website (which they will set up for you—see what they did for DowntownKC), how to manage your Twitter account and Facebook page, how to create a blog and tips for writing one.  Blue Gurus knows you have to work at social media to get it to work for you…and they will get you started.

Remember,  you have to keep up with your social media message… I think that’s the hardest part. It will pay off.  It has for me, and I’m nowhere near an expert at it.  I think the biggest benefit from using social media is that others can get a sense for your personality and get to know you before they contact you.  They will get ‘a feel’ for you and your services.  People will do business with people they like—social media can make that happen. And it can be an enjoyable, rewarding experience with the help of Mic at Blue Gurus.

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